As time goes by, human society as a whole gradually transitions toward more sustainable models. However, in order for some progressive or, for that matter, sensible solutions to become widely accepted and regarded as the norm, they have to be financially viable. We are happy to report that we are living in the age where green technology has seized to become a novelty and reached the point of presenting more viable business models worth investing in regardless of the scale.
Here are some of the most prospective green industries you should pay attention to.


Water is one of the most important resources on this planet – without water, human survival would be impossible. With the constant growth of the human population, the age-old fear that we will at some point run out of clean water becomes more relevant with each passing day. This potentially disturbing situation creates an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to do a socially-responsible thing by investing in businesses like ITT Industries and Aqua America that collect, clean and distribute water.


Being topped only by hydropower, wind power is the second most common source of renewable energy. The thing that makes it such an interesting choice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs is the fact that this opportunity is still largely untapped. Besides some exceptions like Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, the exploitation of wind power in the majority of countries is largely marginal. Entrepreneurs can approach this problem either by investing in windmills or by setting up windmill farms.

Improving efficiency

Efficiency industry is a large umbrella term that covers a variety of industries aimed at one common goal – making the existing industries more efficient and sustainable. One of the good examples would be heat exchanger manufacturer Teralba Industries. Heat exchangers themselves are inherently green technology – they transfer the accumulated energy to a more useful place. People from Teralba are further refining this process by using energy-saving technologies and abiding by environmental standards.

Solar energy

Here is yet another renewable energy source that is, as of yet, far away from reaching its true potential. Still, the writing is on the wall – according to a recent analysis, utility-scale solar capacity is expected to grow by double digits during 2020 on a global scale. Talking into consideration that even more countries are trying to incentivize their citizens to install solar systems through various rebates, it should be no surprise that solar industry remains one of the most prospective options for ambitious investors.

Waste management

Recycling could hardly be classified as a hot new trend seeing as how conscious efforts in this regard have been made for decades now. Still, it seems that we have hardly scratched the surface of the potential recycling still has in itself. According to a recent report by Allied Market Research, the global waste management market is expected to grow from $285 billion (figures from 2016) to $435 billion by the year 2023. It’s also important to remember that waste management technologies are affordable and widely accessible which makes this industry very lucrative for new investors.

Organic products

Finally, we have to mention organic products. As the environmental consciousness continues to grow, the world population becomes more inclined to use the products that are being produced from organic materials in an eco-friendly manner. These products range from clothes and furniture to food and cosmetic products. This wide variety of options offers entrepreneurs a chance to enter the market with smaller investments and branch out once they start making tangible returns.
As we can see, the demand for green industries is very strong and the chances for making returns probably higher than ever. Still, in order for this branch of industry to remain viable and keep the momentum, the constant influx of new investments is all but necessary. Think of it when you start looking for the opportunity to diversify your portfolio.
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