A lot of entrepreneurs mistake the notions of brand awareness and brand recognition, yet, although they have some similarities, they’re completely different notions. Namely, brand recognition is a situation where your audience can recognize your brand through your brand name and logo, whereas brand awareness is the next step. It’s a scenario where people actually know things about your brand, your mission, your vision and what is it that separates you from the rest of the authority. Naturally, one of your main goals is to increase your brand awareness and there are several ways how you can do it.

1.      Make a great website

In order to get informed, most people will want to come and visit your website. This is why your website needs to A) have intuitive navigation and B) have decent content. Now, the first thing you want to do here is properly introduce yourself. This means stating your name, what is it that you do and what is it that you can do for the person browsing. Once you’re done with your introduction, you should either present the person in question with the call-to-action (CTA) button or tell them where they should go next.

2.      Paid advertisement

The next thing you need to do in order to raise your brand awareness is to start advertising your content. Sure, a lot of people are reluctant to open sponsored posts or click on Google’s sponsored search results, yet, they’ll still notice your brand and become aware of its existence. Keep in mind that awareness is the first step towards them interacting with your brand and it’s definitely worth your while to look for a suitable PPC program. This is due to the reason that you only pay for those ads that someone actually clicks on, thus avoiding a scenario where you pay for nothing.

3.      Get some positive reviews

Another thing you should do on your path towards increasing brand awareness is try to earn some positive reviews. What better way is there for your audience to learn about your brand than from their own peers? To do this, you need to find a simple and subtle way to approach them, like, for instance, gathering data via an app or post-sale email. Another great tip is for you to ask them a simple two-point question like – why did you decide to buy from us and did we live up to your expectations?

4.      Promotional merchandise

In order to be taken even more seriously, what you need to do is find a way to combine traditional and digital marketing. The simplest way to do so is to use your merchandise to promote your brand and, in this way, spread the items with your logo and your company’s name on them. One of the golden rules of marketing is that, in order to generate value, you need to offer value and going for useful items like promotional compendiums might be the right way to do it. Clothing items are also a great idea, due to the fact that they turn every person wearing it into a walking billboard.

5.      Start blogging

One of the simplest ways to create an interest in your brand is to start writing about it. First, you should start your own blog where you should report on the progress of your team but you should also find other blogs that you can write guest posts for. In order to make this organic, you need to target blogs that are in your own industry. It goes without saying that you should do some research on their domain authority, for maximum effect. Remember that when it comes to sharing, quality content gets spread like wildfire.

6.      Use more immersive formats

Nowadays, not enough people read, which is why you might want to look for format variety when creating new content. Infographics are a great idea, due to the fact that they’re incredibly immersive. What they do is combine icons and stats, as well as use colors and contrast to attract the attention of the reader. Other than this, going for videos and podcasts might also be a great way to attract some attention, especially on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
Remember that improving brand awareness takes time and that in order to boost it, you need to go through several different stages. First, you work on brand recognition and then you add layers and layers in order to create a meaningful relationship with your audience. While the execution may not be as simple, this is essentially all that you’re supposed to be doing in order to increase your brand awareness.
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