Looping a Video on the Phone
YouTube  at the moment is the best website to watch videos such as movies,music,fun time,motivation,meditation,preaching,soccer,basket ball,sport among others. One of the  challenges faced by those using the YouTube social network  is to put a video to repeat automatically. This solution was brought in in the Web version of YouTube and not on the mobile phone. This mean you can loop a video on your PC but not on your phone.

Today, we are going to show you a simple trick that will enable you to put a video on repeat on the YouTube  APP , Iphone or any other phone (android and iOS ).To do this, you should have the YouTube App installed on your phone. 

Step 1: Launch the YouTube APP on your phone

Step 2: Search and play the video you want to put on Repeat.

Step 3; Tap on the video and click on the (+) on the Video to create a play list . Then Click on  New Play list and give it a name of your choice. In  this tutorial i used ''Ouleu-Jovi''

Step4: Click on Library to view the newly created play List

Step5: Open the Play list with the Single Video and Click on Loop.

I did this post because I was trying to put the video of my favorite Cameroon rapper ‘’Ouleu’’ by Jovi Le Monstre on repeat. You can equally catch fun with it here.
If you cant do this with the app , you can access YouTube on  your mobile browser and use the loop option. This works on browsers like brave,chrome.safari,Mozilla,opera and others. It c an be done as follows
1. Launch your browser and type m.youtube.com
2.On the mobile version, that opens, request the mobile site.
3. Look up for the video for example ‘’Ouleu by Jovi’’ and play.
3. Click on the video and hold. You will see the option to loop the video and there you go.
If you have some dollars to pay for third party apps, then you can conveniently use them to enjoy your favorite videos with the Repeat/loop option. some of these apps include Musepic(Google Ply Store), Loop2Learn (iOS). These apps are  not tat expensive ranging from $1-3$ with free options available. 
We hope you did get some tricks on looping videos on your mobile phone. You can loop your videos on the YouTube app,on web browser or  using third party apps. Which of the methods do you prefer or find it easy? Equally share other trick you know about making YouTube videos to play on the background.

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