Mobile for Travel Photography

Why should you choose a mobile?

If what you worried about the weight, the ease of use and the fact that you do not have to carry more stuff, then I recommend you buy a mobile phone with a good camera and do not use anything else.

The latest mobile phone models makes great photos in a lot of different situations. In addition, you can share your images on your favorite social networks directly from your phone. To make matters worse, you can always enable a backup in the cloud and upload your photos as you do. In iOS you can use iCloud, while in Android you can use the Google Photos application. Find more information about the travel photography on Bloggingranjit

In any case, a mobile phone is something that you will take on a trip. So choosing one that makes good photos is an efficient way to buy a camera. Moreover, you will surely spend less than if you buy a slightly cheaper phone and a SLR.

Finally, I always like to recommend my friends to take a mobile with a good camera even if they already have another type of camera.

What is important when buying a mobile for Travel Photography?

The manufacturers of mobile phones usually have a great imagination when it comes to shoehorning technological components within small and very thin bodies. However, there is a limit to what they are able to achieve.

One of the benefits that you should set is in the opening: the higher it is, the more light will reach the sensor and the better your photos will be in low light conditions. Logically, do not expect miracles, but keep that in mind as well.

In this sense, some manufacturers claim to use sensors with larger Megapixel pixels. They refer to the physical size of the sensor pixels, a number that is expressed in micrometers (μm). A larger pixel is better because it implies greater sensitivity to light and better behavior in situations of lower luminosity.

Speaking of pixels, beware of high megapixel numbers. In my opinion, anything above 16MP is an alarm signal that the manufacturer is trying to convince you to buy by coaxing you with a high number. What you are interested in is actually less megapixels, since each pixel could be of a larger size, with the advantages that I have just mentioned.

Another interesting feature is the type of stabilization you have. It can be optical or electronic. It allows you to take pictures with less light and compensate the movement of your hands when holding the phone.

The best phones offer you a native application with more manual controls when it comes to controlling the shot and even some have different types of focus.

Finally, if your water resistance is good, you will have less trouble taking pictures in the rain or on the beach. Whenever it is not during a downpour and you get to get under the waves

Advantages: You always carry it with you, good image quality, easy to use, you do not need a computer.

Camera for Travel Photography

Why should you choose a compact camera?
A compact camera offers a number of very interesting advantages.

For starters, your sensor is considerably higher than that of almost any mobile phone so the quality and behavior in low light situations will be better.

In addition, it usually has a fairly small and light size so it will be easy to carry and will fit almost anywhere (even in the pocket of the pants). Its design is designed to offer a better grip and, in general, a more comfortable handling than that of a mobile phone. And, how could it be otherwise, many models have manual controls.

But for me, the two great advantages of a compact camera with respect to a mobile are the following.

The first is the price. The image quality that a compact camera of 300 euros will give you, for example, is much higher than what you will get with a mobile of the same price.

The second one is the optical zoom. The electronic zoom of a mobile phone is terrible and will pixelate the image quickly. A compact camera instead has a zoom that, on many occasions, will allow you to take great photos at a distance.

The main drawback of a compact camera, as you can imagine, is that the size of your sensor is significantly lower than that of a mirrorless or a SLR camera. In the case of the high-end compact, this sensor can reach an inch as much. Finally, forget about changing objectives because in a compact camera it is not possible.

What is important when buying a compact camera for Travel Photography?

A compact camera can be a great choice for Travel Photography as many of them offer many interesting features.

One of these features is the optical zoom, and more specifically, what range it offers. Another is, logically, the size of the sensor: the higher it is, the better image quality you will get.

Finally, it is worth checking the maximum aperture and if the camera has some type of image stabilizer inside. Any camera with a high optical zoom needs a very good image stabilization: the more you use the zoom, the more sensitive it will be to any vibration or slight movement. That in terms of important basic services. But, depending on your needs, you may also want to check if the camera has GPS, WiFi and touch screen.

Some mid-range and high-end models offer a wide range of manual controls allowing you to control the exposure to the fullest. And some even let you shoot in RAW format.

Advantages: Lightweight, many cheap options, easy to use.

Camera with Super Zoom for Travel Photography

This type of cameras is quite peculiar since it is between a compact and a SLR. Actually, we could call it hybrid.

Its main advantage, as you have imagined, is that it offers a super optical zoom ( reaching an 83x! ) In a relatively small body. And I say reduced because there is no doubt that this camera is smaller and lighter than an SLR, offering, at the same time, a flexible and versatile solution.

If your budget is limited and you consider that changing the objective is an annoyance, although you are looking for some manual controls and a decent image quality, then this is your camera.

Advantages: Super zoom, all in one, manual controls, more compact than an SLR, affordable price.
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