The iPhone is one of the most popular technology products in the world. As of November 2018, Apple had sold more than 2.2 billion iPhone devices around the world, says this report.

This makes the business of iPhone accessories incredibly lucrative. iPhone owners, looking for more functionality for their phones are eager to get some extra features from their devices. Accessory makers, looking to capitalize on that, have made lots of add-ons and gadgets so that you can get more from your phone.

However, with so many accessories available, it can make it hard for iPhone owners to decide which ones are worth getting or not. Let us help you out, looking at the gadgets that every iPhone owner needs.

A Camera Lens Pack

The newest iPhone, the iPhone XS Max, has an impressive main camera of dual 12 megapixel cameras and a selfie camera of 7 megapixels. These cameras can take some high-quality photos of landmarks and photos of you with your friends. Features like Portrait mode can also help to enhance your images.

However, accessory makers have created lenses to expand the types of shots that you can take with your iPhone’s cameras. There are extra lenses that can take high-quality wide angle photos (better for wide, open spaces), a fisheye lens that makes part of the image look a lot closer and rounder than it is, and a macro lens that is ideal for close-ups. There are lots of different brands at all kinds of prices, but you can look at this guide the best iPhone camera lens packs available for some ideas.

A Spare Charger

One small downside to iPhones being so popular is that it means that lots of other people in your household may have iPhones too and so they’re always borrowing your chargers! Having a spare iPhone charger is also helpful if you lose your chargers a lot or you want a replacement just in case your charger breaks.

There are lots of third-party iPhone chargers because the official chargers from Apple can be expensive. However, there are retailers that are offering the real, genuine iPhone charger by Apple (Lightning Cable and 5W Power Adapter) for a bit cheaper. They can sell them at a better price because they come in eco-friendly, fuss-free packaging, not the fancy retail packaging that costs a lot of money to produce. You can go here to get one of these official iPhone chargers and add that to your iPhone accessories bag.
A Battery Pack

While you may have just bought yourself another iPhone charger, what about those times when the power goes out or if you’ve forgotten your charging cable and power adapter at home? For those times, you’ll want a battery pack. You can plug your iPhone into your battery pack and charge your phone while you’re on the go.

Different power banks offer different features and different levels of charge. The bigger the battery pack’s capacity, the more charges it will hold and so the more you’ll be able to charge your phone before having to charge your battery pack. Some battery packs are more lightweight than others and some have nicer-looking designs. Click here for a great article on what to look for when buying a battery pack.

An Otterbox Case

The Apple iPhone doesn’t come cheap. It’s one of the most expensive smartphones around and you probably don’t want to pay for a replacement or a repair. So, if you’re a clumsy iPhone owner you’ll want to protect it with a case designed to prevent your phone from breaking when being dropped and from other shocks.

One of the most popular iPhone cases is the OtterBox. OtterBox has something called “OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection” which certifies that OtterBox has tested its case to ensure that it protects against drops, UV exposure, pocket wear, extreme temperatures, and abrasion. While there are lots of other iPhone case brands, OtterBox is a leading brand because of the strength of its cases.

Wireless Speaker

With the iPhone, there are thousands of music and video playing apps available to you. From YouTube to Spotify and from Apple Music to SoundCloud, the Apple device is a brilliant entertainment hub. However, to make the most of its music features, you’ll want to get a wireless speaker that can amplify the sound of the device so that the entire party can hear it.

Some of the leading wireless speaker brands are Sonos, Anker, JBL, and Apple makes one too under the Beats brand. Prices vary but the specs you’ll want to look at are volume, audio quality, and battery life. Longer battery lives are good if you host many of your parties when you’re away from your charger, but they will cost you more money.
The iPhone is a popular phone loved by lots of people. These accessories just make the Apple device a little bit better.
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