Inbound marketing can be implemented in the music industry   to increase revenue generation. It is a trend in marketing which no one including musicians should not be exempted from.

The Music Industry is a billion dollar industry that has provide employment to many .  Producing good music requires talents and dedication. Making it available to the public require good marketing.               This is why  it is good for you to be aware of the various ways to make money with music including the digital techniques which are taking over the traditional methods. 

As someone who like making money, i think a music is complete when it makes you bank account swell. This can be achieved if you know where to get the best customers and how to  make them buy your album,act or music.

It is quiet challenge given the competition in the industry.  There are several ways ti generate revenues from music festivals or events.

This is usual the role of you manager. But  before hiring a manager there  some methods that you need to use to drive interest in your music  which will drive traffic to your website and subsequently leading to  leads which will later act as a source of revenue through out your career . This is why you will need an effective knowledge on inbound marketing and its implementation. 

Lets Go Through Inbound Marketing in Brief

Inbound marketing is a form of digital marketing which helps to make your music or brand get found by internet users or customers.  This form of marketing is different from the traditional methods because the customers actually come  to you instead of you following them to sell CD,Event tickets and others.  This can be done in many ways. 

Reqiurment For A Successful Implementation of Inbound Marketing in the Music Industry

To Implement this Method successfully requires Two major things: 

1. Have Knowledge About Your Fans
Your Personas (fans) is the first thing you should know if you want to make your inbound marketing strategy successful.  Depending on the type of music you sing you might not want to reach just everyone. Below are some elements you might want to consider; 

i. Age and Gender of your website visitors
ii. Personality and Interests  of your fans . 
Things that you should look for: music lover, music taste, culture behavior regarding concerts, festivals,  and more. 

iii. Background and Demographic Information
iv. Music Buying Preferences: How do they acquire and listen to music? Do they stream music or download it? Do they prefer CD`s or Vinyl? Would they be interested in live streaming?

v. Behavior: How do they find music and artists? (social media, search, through friends or other sources). [1]

To get access to such information,  you should inquire from people around you, or other artists in your genre .  This is why collaboration is very necessary especially if you an upcoming artist. 

2.  Create Mind Bowing Content
The major thing that you use to attract fans to complete your inbound marketing is good content. You equally need to be consistent. In fact good content is  necessary to attract fans. 

You content need to be unique  so that when someone finds it he will be able to read,watch listen and share. 
Creating content and making it available require the musician to work with his/her web masters and  other entertainment bloggers. 

You can always hire a content marketers for this task  for a particular period of time who will help you reach out to other blogs. 

The typical implementation require you to: 

 “Attract” people  :  You have to device a strategy to attract fans to you music/brand. This means you have to win customers without ads or some out bound techniques by making use of content and social media. 

Inbound marketers make use mostly of Content Driven Lead Generation  and nurturing activities to attract  fans and customers. 

The inbound marketers has to implement the best possible methods to attract fans, venues, festivals, labels, music professionals, media etc to  their websites. 

Then Convert your website visitors to  leads. These leads need to be followed up by 'feeding them' with interesting and relevant content ( Lead Nurturing).  It can be songs,videos,text and others. This make them know you are active and keep them active as well. 
You can use your social media like Facebook ,Instagram,twitter and YouTube to engage leads but make sure they should be able to visit your website from these social media profiles easily.
 You actually own the website and can do more with it as compared to the social media which you don't own.

The last   step in your inbound marketing plan is to convert your leads to become real fans or customers. This means they should be able to buy you EPs,attend your events,invite you for events,purchase you albums,subscribe to your streaming channels or other streaming sites like iTunes,deezer and sportify to listen to your music without hesitation.

In all as a music inbound marketer you need to Attract people, convert them to website visitors,nurture them with content and then convert them to fans/customers. 
 Which are some of the musicians that you think are making use of the inbound marketing strategy?

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