Cameroon Music And Entertainment Industry and Inbound Marketing : Monetizing Music and Entertainment by making use of digital marketing skills.

Lately, thanks to the influence of blogs music,entertainment and fashion blogs like the ,237showbiz .com , and others, i have developed special interest in the Cameroon music industry to be precised.
I was able to make my first Cameroon Album purchase online on February 16 ,2019 (Jovi-God Don Kam) and looking make more purchases as support or when i just want to be part of the buzz online.

One old method of making money with music is by selling CDs , organizing shows , presenting in clubs,birth days and other events for pay checks. 
These old methods are accompanied with old promotion strategies like  making use of the radion,television and print media.

With the coming of digital technology and the internet we can supplement these old methods with monetizing strategies that do not need you to present yourself somewhere to make money. Very few artist and producers are taking this serious , which is one of the reason you have very few websites owned by our Cameroonians artist.

These new technique of making money with your music online in Cameroon is referred to as inbound marketing. It is must for every company.                                                                                                 If you cannot implement then hire and expert t do it for you.  It is not a get rich quick method but if well implemented can lead to a good source of income as a musician while you stay at home and decide when to go for  show.

It is true there is a wide use of social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram to hype,sell and promote music. But what of the other channels on the internet to create awareness , generate leads and make money? Let me go through The Two Majors:

1. Website

The first thing that a serious inbound marketers needs is a website.  A website for your music or brand serve as a physical location . You actually own your domain and hosting compared to the free pages musicians create on social media.

A website gives you a lot of authority and influence online.As a Cameroonian musician , if you invest on your website,you can make money on your website by posting ads ,promoting others if you wish and selling albums. One good thing here is once you succeed in outing a good website in place, then you income flow become so sweet because you just watch money get into your accounts.
You wont be worried about shows,nominations,awards and others. You will be able to stay on your higher worth as compared to some artist who just wish to feature in shows even for 100k.

Inbound marketing as oppose to traditional marketing enable clients to come to you  for the product you have.  A website is ver vital when it comes to this 21st century digital marketing technique. It involves three major steps .
1.Getting found  by making use of SEO techniques and social media to drive traffic to your website.
2.Conversion by capturing leads and making sales and
3.Analysis to improve site performance and sales.
 This is what Cameroon musicians,producers and others should consider in their marketing departments.
   Hey , guys when getting a webiste be serious about it:
-Make sure you get it designed by  professional. There re so many web designers in Cameroon, put some money on them to get the best.
-Avoid free domains as your audience will not take you serious.
-Make use of SEO techniques 
- Understand that this technique takes time to yield though not in all cases.
 So far one of the best performing website in Cameroon is owned by the New Bell Music Boss Jovi.
The website is ranked 697,000th in the world with 35% of its audience coming from Cameroon  and the 65% out of Cameroon. 
You see, you can easily classify this artist as an international artist/musician with less arguments as it is common in most Cameroonian show biz groups.A website is a powerful tool and worth having it.

I visited two other popular Cameroonian artist website and the domain expired more than one year ago. This can be because they don't find my reason to keep the website running. Its time to get that shit up and running as inbound marketing is inevitable.

2. Bloggers and Blogs

Blogging  is growing rapidly in Cameroon with more than 80% of the blogs covering news,Music, fashion and entertainment.  This is thus good news for musicians. With this number of blogs ready to write about Cameroon music. You can boost SERP,SEO  and  better online presence by making use of these bloggers.

 Even if you have the website or blog, you sill need other website to talk about you to secure your online presence.
If the blogs don't do, then you can make use of your social media influence to drive traffic to your website. It is in your website that you will handle the real deal. You will be able to  convert visitirs to lead  in the form of subscribers/fans which will always be there ti

 This will be very effective you have a website .However, you can stay the traditional way by using them to drive traffic to your Youtube Channel or Facebook page which you don't own.

Some blogs re just so boring  as they are existing because the owner is popular or just because the owner want to be a blogger. But man! don't pay to post content on blogs that have a low ranking, low publishing rate among others. 
If you are an entertainment blogger, then get you ass to serious work  or just quit so as to make the web better.
Permit me cut this short here. I have  blogging guide to anyone who wants to know more. am giving it for free.

That is it when it comes to making inbound marketing rock. However we should not forget  Search Marketing , Social Media marketing and other online marketing channels which can help boost the music hustle and earnings.

                      Worth Mentioning and Learning From 

New Bell Music is  Taking the Lead to Online Music Monetization/Indound Marketing : Can you Learn from Them?
As mentioned earlier     website is ranked 697,000th in the world with 35% of its audience coming from Cameroon  and the 65% out of Cameroon.  This company is making good use of bandcamp and Apple music when it comes to making money with music online and recently, they included  shop which permits them to sell music online in Cameroon with MTN Mobile money and Orange Money . top  sources of traffic

From your website , you will know your audience and where they are willing to buy you music. Don't just post  music on a streaming website because others are doing so. This is why you need a good marketing team as a musician.
section of page 1 on google with key word ''Cameroon Music''

            Let's Round Off with Music-Inbound Marketing in Cameroon 

Don't be excited about this article or get pissed off by it. If you are an artist, a musician , a producer or into fashion and entertainment in Cameroon, then consider this technique of making money online . It is not a decision. You can achieve it better through collaboration, team work and dedication.

Ok, so  you did enjoy or hate the theory being poured up there right?.
 There is a catch though :  The content creation and SEO that goes along with inbound marketing might take a lot of with it takes a lot of  time if you are to do it in solo. You probably need  time to write ,record and produce good  music  for your audience.

Cameroonians hates writing as well as reading, but not your fans in other countries. Writing good blog posts can equally take a lot of your time. If you want to do a serious blog post, then you will consider doing key word research,  know how to make use Google and Bing Analytics to know which content on your music website is doing well.

Nothing in life happens quickly so to is the music business and the case of Africa and Cameroon in particular.
But you have to be open to the reality that the Music Industry and other businesses are migrating online these days.  You need to accept  and become part.
It is does worth it to   spend some time and effort to understand and  implement this for of digital marketing technique called  inbound marketing

To successfully implement inbound marketing in Cameroon as a musician in the digital generation make sure you Know your fans and create amazing content for them .

Inbound marketing implementation is not up to 5% as many are still focusing on YouTube Views,Facebook Views,comments ,likes which bring little or nothing to the bank account. Think its time the Money Making Machine get into the 237 Music Industry.
How ready are we?

Share your views and website of your favorite artist in the comment section.  Cheers
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