With the economy on the rise and the interest rates getting lower every quarter, 2019 might be a great year to finally start a business you’ve been dreaming about for years. The key to doing this right is to find your niche and to know, to whom the business is supposed to speak to.

There are ways to remain profitable and to grow your business without aiming for the largest and the least obtainable market. Smaller B2B companies could find a niche and a steady stream of clients without having to spend a fortune on setting up infrastructure.


One of the biggest expenses a small business has is the taxation and the fees and tasks that are related to it. For the most part, a business owner isn’t able to do this on their own. They need the help of a trained professional and that a great opportunity for those looking to start an accounting agency.
When starting such a company, the biggest expense is finding the clients and presenting your portfolio to them. Besides that, all you need is to set up is a traditional presentable office. It can even be in your home and the largest ongoing expense will probably be the supplies that can easily be ordered from sites like www.winc.com.au.

Virtual call center

Call centers are one of the most important outreach tools for any business. It’s how you can interact with the customers right away and be there for them when they assistants about your products or service. It helps to treat it as a part of a marketing campaign since that’s what it is for the most part.
Setting up a virtual call center mostly depends on having the personnel that would be able to handle the calls in a professional and knowledgeable fashion. Everything else can be compensated for with the right technology and basically organized from your home.

Event planning

Event planning used to be that was mostly associated with private events, such as wedding or anniversaries. However, there’s a market for corporate event planning and small and medium businesses are getting in on the game.
The rules for setting up such an event are pretty much the same as for the private ones and therefore the resources involved are as well. The main difference to have in mind, when starting an event planning company is the fact that these events have a clear goal and that’s to create business opportunities for those who participate.

Content Creators

The first thought that comes to mind when content creation comes up, is the idea of blog and article writing. This may have been the case a few years ago, but now content creation can be a much broader business.
Companies use all kinds of media and all kinds of social networks to reach their audience. Creative businesses that generate this content and put it into the context of a wider marketing effort will be a necessary and lucrative business endeavor for years to come. The most difficult part of starting a content creator business is marketing yourself and setting up a customer base.

Online Tutoring

The internet can be a great tool to learn new skills and improve on the ones that are important to your work right now. This presents a great opportunity to start a tutoring business and offer such lessons in an organized and professional way.
A great thing about online tutorship is that it can be as serious and as professional as you want it to be. It can start as a hobby with only a few students on the topics you’re familiar with and grow into a business with basically no limits.

Starting a business in 2019 may be a good idea, but it’s not going to be any easier than it usually is. The key to making it in any industry is to know your customers and adapt the company to their needs.
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