Are you looking for recurring income? You are thinking of stress-free source of income with fewer efforts? Then you have reached the right place. Did you hear about Reseller Hosting

Fine, if your answer is no then let me explain you “what is reseller hosting and how you can earn income ”. 

Reselling is nothing but buying the Dedicated or shared hosting from a hosting company and showing others as it is your own service. You can use the server in a number of ways. You can divide the resources among your customers and create your own plan.

With VPS9.Net Reseller Hosting you get the following reseller program benefits:

  1. White labeled Plan - Everywhere your brand will be recognized and VPS9 will not be listed anywhere.

  1. Heavy Discounts Offered - Based on the number of VPS servers purchased, you will be eligible to avail Up to 25% OFF.

  1. Free Reseller Panel - VPS9.Net provides free reseller panel to access the hosting and set the plan, limit the resources, handle the resources provided and so on.

  1. 99.99% Award Winning Guaranteed Uptime - VPS9.Net is known for guaranteed uptime and you will never face any issue.

  1. Affordable and Secure Charges - Pay just for the services you take. The payment gateway is secured and you are free to choose among the available payment methods.

  1. 24/7 Best Customer Support - VPS9.Net is known for its best customer support in the Hosting industry. Host your Reseller and grow your business.

  1. Set Your Plans - You are free to set your own plans and also choose the pricing. Based on your customer requirement you can create a customized plan.

  1. Anytime Moneyback Guarantee - Not satisfied with the service? No issues. Take your money back without any issue.

 Below is an Infographic the summarizes the entire Reseller Hosting service.

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