Installing apps from unknown sources (app not found in the apple app store) require ''Trusting an enterprise app.

This can be done on your phone in a very easy way. In this post we are going to see how to install an Iphone app from an unknow source and use it. I will be using the BTCC crypto trading app in this tutorial. You can feel free to use any other app

Lately, I downloaded the BTCC Exchange App on my phone. The app could not be find on the App store. After installing the app, I tried opening it but a pop open saying the Enterprise App is not trusted.

Upon checking out I found out that any enterprise app that you install manually will show this notification that the app isn't trusted on your device. If this happens to you, then you have to dismiss the message and follow the following steps to make the app functional on your phone.

Basically, you need to trust for this app developer on your device for it to be functional.

Before I share screen shots with you here are the basics steps:
Settings>General>Device Management>Click on the App Developer> Click on Trust.

Let me take you through the step by step process which i took to make the app to work on my Iphone.

Step One: Download and  Install the app from the website of your choice .  Click on the app  dismiss the pop up message.

Step 2:  Go to ''Settings on your Iphone and tap General.
Step3: Click on Device Management in the General Settings 

STEP3:  In the Device Management page, you will see ''Enterprise App''. If you have more Enterprise Apps installed, then you will see different App Developers listed. In my case i had just one (MY BRIDGE BIO TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED'' . Click on  the developer and Confirm by clicking on ''Trust''

After clicking on  ''Trust '' your app should be ready for use. This will be indicated  with the word ''Verified''  as seen on the screen shots below.
Below is the app that open for me to login and trade on my app not found on the app store.

Finally, i got my app working correctly. I hope my experience will be able to help you enjoy your  favorite iphone Apps not found on the Apple App Store.

Note that, Once you confirm your choice for a particular developer ( trust the profile), you can manually install other apps from the same developer
and open them immediately without going through the same process.

In addition, when you Trust a Developer’s App, then the developer remains trusted until you use the Delete App button to remove all apps from this developer. Feel free to share you thoughts in the comment section.
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