Having a iPhone 8 or 8 Plus is a dream of many people across the globe. However, the biggest glitch in their dreams is the high prices of these phones. If you are also among one of the admirers then here is the tip, “you can Buy Refurbished iPhone 8 or Refurbished iPhone 8 plus. The cost of refurbished phones is almost equal to half the price of the phone. It makes everyone’s dream a reality.”

You got the tip, but you may be wondering about how trustworthy these refurbished iPhone 8 or Refurbished iPhone 8 plus will be? Well there are several ways to be careful about buying a quality product. You must pick the certified retailer, avoid shady dealings, check the refurbished grade of the product, etc.

Finding a certified dealer or avoiding a shady dealing is easy as we know the rules behind that, however checking the grade requires knowledge about the refurbished grades and their categories.

Hence here are the explanation of all the grade categories i.e. Grade A, B, C. Firstly let us explain the definition of refurbished Grades?

Refurbished Grades are the measurements of quality of the refurbished products. These grades are decided based on the number of cosmetic improvements made on the phones such as scruffs, marks, scratches and other similar imperfections. The grades gives you a basic knowledge about what to expect from the product in advance.

Grade A:

Being the first category in the list, Grade A is referred as the best quality refurbished product. The cosmetic improvements in your refurbished products will be minimal and the product will look as good as new. If you are planning to buy Refurbished iPhone 8 or buy refurbished iPhone 8 plus , then the Grade A category will be good for you. Jem Jem is a website we found where you can get such products. However one has to remember that since the quality of the product is highest, the discount in the prices will be lesser than the other two categories.

Grade B:
As the sequence appear Grade B is the second in line in terms of quality. The product will be in a good condition and will be working properly as well. However it may have some scruffs here and there which were not removed through cosmetic improvements either because of complexity or any other reason. As we shared earlier the Grade B products are tend to be more affordable then our grade

A product as the discounts are heavier in grade B than they were in grade A.
Check your budget then decide the category you are willing to buy. In the end they are still cheaper than the original iPhones or other products.

Grade C:
In all the categories, Grade C is the only one which looks like a second hand product. It is the least quality product in the list.

Although the products here are tested and updated as per the latest technology, still one can see the remnant of the heavy usage by previous owner. The phone will have visible scruffs, marks and scratches. That’s why the Refurbished iPhone 8 or Refurbished iPhone 8 plus in this category are the cheapest and are available to those who have even a small amount of cash in their wallets.

If you are among those people who has cash to spare but not enough to buy the original then prefer buying refurbished phones in Grade A or Grade B category only. These two categories still offers good quality products at the reasonable pricing. All the categories have tested and updated products, however Grade C has the worst of the lot. So make sure to check the grading before making any decision about the products.

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The article is contributed by Jeremy Hill, who is associated with JemJem as an editor.                                                                   

JemJem is the top online retailer of cheap refurbished iPhones in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones.
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