Jumia   is a top online shopping company. in Africa. Christmas is one of the most celebrated days in Cameroon and the world at large. Buying the best products at the best prices during this period should be a something to think about especially to those who like shopping online. There are exclusive deals on many online shopping website during this period as it comes after black Friday and Cyber Monday which are equally good periods for shopping. We have gone through the Jumia Cameroon online shopping website and come out with some products which we believe can make your shopping rock.

But before we get started, i suggest you download the Jumia Shopping APP to get up to 90% discounts on some products during the flash sales exclusively for  mobile app users. Using the app for your shopping is easy. 

  Jumia is a platform that offers e-commerce services, online market places,classified websites , online booking and others in Cameroon and other parts of Africa such as Nigeria, Morrocco, Ghana,Uganda,Kenya,Egypt Tunisia,Algeria, Senegal ,Rwanda and others. If you find yourself in any of these countries, you can benefit from Jumia Christmas deals by following the steps below :
        Create a Jumia Account, Download the App , Sign in and Start Shopping.
 Create jumia account

If you land on the page and sees that it is not your country, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the name of your country. If you don't have a phone you can proceed as well on your Computer. Christmas is for all and it seems good on Jumia for both mobile and PC users. 

Before we begin with our top ten Christmas collection, Be aware that  jumia offers products in the following categories ;Mobile phones,baby products,super market products,mobile phones,tablets, men's fashion,televisions,computers,health  products,beauty products among others. PS: if you are looking for drugs and other illegal stuff thne, Jumia is not for you. You can have these products if you have an account on Jumia .

                     Jumia Cameroon top 10 Collection for Christmas
With the high traffic around the regular super markets and malls around the coutry, shopping on Jumia during this festive period of Christmas and new year is a smart decsion to take.
1.Mobile Phones: On RANSBIZ, we beleive the most important thing to get during this christmas period is a  new mobile phone as  the new year will be coming with a lot of opportunities which you need the best phones to enjoy these opportunities. We  found a good number of phones on Jumia but we will like you to get phones produced by. The brands we suggest for you this Christmas  includes:
X-TIGI mobile phones,  Iphone and Xiaomi. Try something new for christmass an experience the latest technology and innovatyive companies thanks to Jumia online shopping 

2. Men Fashion
photo credit: @style_divine_polyvalant on Instagram.

According to the sartomen (Style Divine Polyvalent)  your dress code is complete when you are equipped  from head to toe.
Jumia got shooes for men ranging from 700 to 200k. Sneakers, leather,sandals,moccasins and others of any brand. With a collection of more than 600 formal shoes , sport shoes,slippers,and casual shoes all for you to make the choice this christmas at the comfort of your home.

With a collection of more than 600 formal shoes , sport shoes,slippers,and casual shoes all for you to make the choice this christmas at the comfort of your home.

A collection of more than 200 thousand men's cloths from  the best shop in the country awaits you on Jumia Cameroon . Get T-shirts,trousers, pant, polo and more at the best prices. 
 We cannot decide for you right now, paying a visit to the Men's section will be a great deal for you to make the final decision.  what are  will you like to buy during this period ?

You can make him or her special during Christmas by getting the best fashion producst on Jumia. 

Hey les gars, il ya de bijoux disponible pour vos femme sur jumia en prix Njoh
3. Women's Fashion Products on Jumia Cameroon.
women fashion on jumia

Jumia Cameroon has put in place a collection of women's products to make them look gorgeous as usual women, shoes, women's cloths,accessories and even a special VIP shop available for everyone with an internet connection. 

You can buy good watches, hand bags,cutchbag,necklace,earrings,rings,wrist band and others at half the price in the market during this Christmas period. You can have a look for your self by visiting jumia womens Fashion shop online here

4. Laptops,Storage devices and Hitech devices

If you are thinking of getting a new laptop, then this Christmas period is a good period to go get some on Jumia at discounts of upto 50%. The recommended brand to buy is HP based on our research. However you can still take the decision by selecting from the variety of brands available.
With your laptop set, you can get USB flash drive of up to 32g at just 5000 FCFA. Other devices like Printers can be bought for less than 30, 000 XAF. i was able to get the Deskjet 2130 All in one printer at 27,000 francs.

Other devices and product you can related to computers at a very cheap rate includes: M2 Smart watch Heart Rate Monitor, Wireless Mouse, SD Memory card,projectors,trans memory flash drives, and Software like Anti virus,Windows server 2016 and more.

To get access to these Christmas deal on Jumia, simply login into your account and click on the section ''Computers''. 

5. The  Kitchen: This is what is commonly referred to as the power house. Getting your kitchen is very vital especially for those who  are married and have children. During this Christmas period, you can  celebrate with Jumia by buying the kitchen and other home appliances at  a give a way price.
Some of the appliances available to make your kitchen look smart are electric kettles, Gas cookers,mixers,blenders,refrigerators and more. The pot is almost burning on the gas, let me go and check! you can see more for your self by visiting the Jumia home appliance shop.

6. Decoration and Lighting.

You can give the home a new look by making use of the jumia decoration and lighting products. To make your home look brighter during the Christmas and new year period Jumia has put in place home  decoration products with discounts of up to 74%. Common let us party with Jumia Cameroon guys.  Other products like removable ward robes,courting pip holders,curtain stick end, shower curtains, clock,lamb bulb crystal ball ,animal painting, CHRISTMAS TREE  and more. 
Strip light 120 LED to variation of colors + remote control infrared on JUMIA Cameroon

There some great lighting products and bulbs that can make you become part of the android generation . We  selected  some  products worth checking out: 
LED bulb with Bluetooth speaker, Induction motion detector socket switch bulb holder,Solar Lanterm with panel,electronic garlands,projector LED 30W with sensor module,Mosquiti bulb,LED crystal magic ball rotatingRGB with remote control , Polycrstalline solar panel and more.
To get access to these product login into your account, and click on home . 

We can alway help you with the links to products if you have trouble. 
email us : ransbiz@live.com for orders . Note that we only give you the links and you are responsible for your purchase.

7. Television, Ear phones and  Woofers
The prices of flat screens as we commonly called them is at the ground level during this Christmas period on jumia cameroon. Numerous HD LED Tv of different colours are available with guarantee of upto 12 months.  

RANSBIZ team picked 32C1NA Ultraslim Full HD LED digital TV as the best choice for this Christmas.  This products comes with a built in decorder and an internal voltage regulator. You can get it only on Jumia at this price. 

A suitable audio device is always needed to make  your electronic life rock. It could be ear phones,head phones,ipods,woofers,speakers and more to form another set of  electronics at home or to compliment an existing product you have at home.

We picked up the following product for you: P12 portable Trolley Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone,Bluetooth stereo headset HBS 730 ear phones,Black Radio bluetooth sun glasses,kit car MP3 player wireless transmitter FM Audio Aux USB. You can make it rock with Ipods and MP3s too. 

Its worth seeing for your self. Go to jumia shopping website, and click on TV,Photo and Audio to see for yourself.

8.  Your Super market is now accessible on your mobile phones.

Groceries shopping is no longer something to bother your self with in this generation of technology. Jumia  has put in place a super market with over 1000 products for you to get the best out of your shopping. You can buy thins like whiskey, natural fruit juice,milk,wine ,rice,soap,feungreek seeds,macaroni,mosquito spray, and more. In fact ''Magida'' is on Jumia to work with your favorite shopping mall  to serve you on your mobile phone.

9.Shopping for the Office

 There are exclusive  furniture available on Jumia  that can make your office  a place to celebrate the Christmas at affordable rates. If you are looking to get some office equipment then get the ones that will make client smile by doing your shopping on jumia.

10. The Baby and Kids Corner
Christmas is very interesting when the kids  get new cloths,shoes,toys and that thing that make them smile or feel love by mum and dad. Jumia got a collection for you . For the smart generation , we recommend the following for your kids shopping in addition to dress and shoes which are all on Jumia. 

Generic Intellectual Learning Tablet for you kids, Electronic piano,Children  laptop,cooking fun play set, and perfect game 3. You can discover more on Jumia.cm

  what do you  want to buy on Jumia that i have not mention in this Christmas post? 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. 
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