Jumia  is an online shop  in Cameroon where you buy products and wait for them to be delivered to you in your house or office.You can choose to pay with Mobile money or to pay when the product is delivered. You can buy mobile phones   , television, dresses, shoes, baby products,among others. It is a place to check out for the latest products with moving around.

                       Where is Jumia  Cameron Located 
The head offfice of the company is in Douala,Cameroon .However Jumia Cameroon has warehouses over the country and ship all over Cameroon

    The company has othershops in the country and in  other African countries like  Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Tanzania,Uganda,Morocco,Ivory coast,Algeria and others. The  company equally own shops in the UK and is a major competitor to amazon UK. Every one can shop on Jumia. You don't need to be a computer wizard to buy on jumia.cm or any other online store. In this post, i am going to show you how to buy a product on jumia.

  Before you start your shopping, i will recommend you do the following.
1. Go to jumia.cm and create an account.
2. sign up for the news letter and get a 6000FCFA Voucher. You can use this voucher when you buy a product from 40,000 Fcfa. OK, you might be worried on how to do this, dont boarder, i will show you how to do this.  

   With a 6000 voucher, it means you will have -6000 on any product your purchase.  For example the tablet Alcatel One touch  cost about  85,000 FCFA on jumia.cm. With a 6000 FCFA  Voucher. You will pay
85,000-6000=79,000 FCFA. You can enjoy yourself with the 6000 or save it for the next shopping. 
3. If you have already used this voucher. Just Google '' jumia Cameroon coupon code''. Several sites keep you updated with coupon codes.

 Get the one that suits your demand and proceed to your shopping. You can use one coupon code per order. You cannot also use the same coupon code for different order. So the more coupon codes you have the better if you want to save while doing


With all set, we can proceed to our five steps tutorial. Let get started

1. Go to  Jumia.cm/fr for French or Jumia.cm/en for English into your browser

2. In the search bar, type in the product you want to buy. For example ‘’phones’’ or ‘’dresses’’,You can as well go through the various categories in displayed on the side bar. The website is very easy to navigate.


3. Click on Buy item and it will be added on your shopping cart. You can search
snap shot showing 1product in shopping cart
  and add more products  as you wish. Once you think your basket is full,Go and click on the cart .

4. Proceed to  Check out and  Select Mobile MoneyorCash on delivery.

5. Follow instruction and complete your order. Sit back and wait for your product delivered in your neighbor hood.

   we are done with jumia online shopping. Don't be worried if you have any delays. You will be updated on the packaging of your products . Just hold on and wait for a call from jumia.Tell them the best way you want to get your product. Some one can even pay for your product.


If you need to contact Jumia Cameroon for after sale service or other problem/proposals, you can check out Jumia contact us page below. This will permit you to get to Jumia via email,whatsapp,phone number and others.

Visit Jumia contact us Page Here
Jumia - shopping en ligne au Cameroun pour l'électronique, les téléphones, la mode et plus encoreJumia Cameroun contact Number email whatsapp and others

Make sure you have a confirmation message sent to your inbox.

If you are faced with any difficulties shopping on jumia, you can contact me to help you out if you really have a product you are interested in . You can also meet me so we do your product search together on jumia. i will show you the best products and shops on jumia which can really make your online shopping rock.(email: ransbiz@live.com)

 Do you have any online shopping experience in Cameroon or Jumia. Fell free to share with other readers.

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