HTML= Hper Text Markup Language
The introduction of HTML5 as the standard web language by the world wide consortium had brought about improvement of websites as well as browsers. It has also brought about confusion on the path of developers and writers as it brought one of the highest numbers of changes from compared other changes that had been recorded. ‘’HTML5 works hand in glove with CSS3’’ to make the web easy to access and interactive.
      HTML5 has brought about more descriptive tags, better cross-site and cross-window communication to animations as well as improved multimedia support. We are going to look at some important tags gone as well as their replacements.
There should be no hesitation to learn HTML5  and CSS3  be  you a web developer or a writer.

What are you going to achieve with HTML5 AND CSS3?

Multimedia with Less Reliance on Plug-ins,
Better Applications, Cross-Document Messaging,
 Web Sockets,
 Client-Side Storage,
 Better Interfaces,
Better Forms,
Improved Accessibility,
Advanced Selectors,
Visual Effects
 Let’s get to see some changes

 Old method of defining HTML

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
"" >

HTML 5 Definition

<!DOCTYPE html>

   What CSS3 can do                                                                                                                                                   With the introduction   of CSS3, the following tags(deprecated tags) can be achieved.
basefont, big, center, font, strike, tt, u, frame, frameset, noframes

           It is worth noting that many websites use this tags , since HTML5 is still in development. The above tags can also be achieved in HTML5 websites by using java scripts.
      What about alternative tags?
Even though the tags above will be thrown always, some tags are replaced by short HTML5tags
     The following elements are replaced
Old element
Replaced by


 Now, what about attributes?
        In addition to deprecated elements, there are many attributes that are no longer valid. Some of these attributes include
 Align,link, vlink, alink, and text attributes on the body tag
== bgcolor,  height and width, scrolling on the iframe element,  valign
== hspace and vspace,  cellpadding, cellspacing, and border on table
==the longdesc attribute for img and iframe

If you are new to web designing then this post will guide you on what to read/add on your sites.
What if i have developed a website with the Old/invalid tags?                                                                         If you have a  website and wants to update to HTML5 standard, then you can validate your web pages withW3C . Validating with W3C helps you identify the deprecated tags.
     If you able to identify some of this deprecated tags, then you can come back in our next post which will unveil soem of the new tags introduced in HTML.

3. Adobe dream weaver Resources
4. P.Hogan. (2010). HTML5 AND CSS3 develop with Tomorrow's Standards today .


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