Straight social media marketing is so last season. Social commerce is the new kid on the block and it is a strategy that you need to take notice of. Before you wring your hands in despair at yet another new marketing format you have to master, relax.

It’s not that hard and, to be honest, your social media strategy is probably already covering some of the steps. Social commerce just takes things a couple of steps further. It’s the optimized version of social media marketing for a new era.

Clients today want to be wooed. They want to know that companies are taking them seriously. They want to know that their feedback matters. And they want things to be made as easy as possible for them.

Take eBay, for example. It provides clients with personalized discount codes and various other eBay discounts and makes it easy to buy its items. You can buy through its Shopbot, through the main site or on its social media pages.

And that is what ecommerce is all about. It is about providing clients with a more personalized experience and catering to their needs more closely. A social commerce strategy is going to take some effort to implement, but it is essential if you want your business to move forward.

The primary difference between social media marketing and social commerce is the shift in focus. It’s about moving to a more customer centric model.

Don’t know where to start? Our infographic gives you the perfect jumping off point and provides some really useful statistics as well. It’s all you need to get started in bite-sized chunks.

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