As a pharmacist, it is amazing how little of your job revolves around the actual medication itself. You cannot just bury yourself in your dispensary and hope the rest of the business goes well; you need to step up to the plate and be a well informed business person as well.

And that means understanding why shoppers act in the way they do. Shoppers’ psychology can be difficult to get the hang of, at least at first. You need to understand what makes shoppers want to come into your pharmacy.

You need to understand how they respond to different product placement and buying cues. Even the color on the walls can influence how long they stay in the pharmacy and how much money they are willing to spend.

Red, fiery colors, for example, boost energy and might make them restless. People are less likely to spend extra time searching the shelves if they feel restless. Red might be associated with danger and so could be a problematic color for your dispensary wall.

Calm, serene colors allow people to feel at ease and so are a much better color for your dispensary. In fact, lots of businesses nowadays are forsaking aggressive colors in favor of calmer ones, for this very reason. Even Groupon, a discount website, utilizes green to make its shoppers feel more at ease and improve their overall online shopping experience. But understanding shopper psychology is about so much more than just color and product placement.

It is about offering your clients a blend of convenience and value as well. You cannot usually undercut the big stores. Imagine trying to match cosmetics prices or a special. But then, you don’t always need to.

You have a huge advantage over the big branded stores in that you can provide personalized service and convenience. Say, for example, a client needs some cough medicine. She could get it at one of the big brand outlets, but she doesn’t have time to leave her desk.

You, on the other hand, can make sure that the medicine is run over there quickly and easily. Will shoppers be willing to pay for this added convenience? It is a safe bet that many will.

But, why bet about it at all? Why don’t you go through the infographic about shoppers’ psychology below and get the inside track for yourself.

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