Ngwa had been asking Jenny out. Jenny is based in a village near Douala. However with the busy schedule of Ngwa  and the high parental control over Jenny, there are not able to meet face to face. However,Ngwa is bent to share his emotion with Jenny and let their love grow  with no barriers. Ngwa decided to send a smart phone with an MTN sim card  to Jenny with most communication Apps like whatsApp, Messenger,Telegram,Google Hangout,Snap chat and more installed. Jenny was very happy to get her smart phone.

However Jenny is a bit difficult when it comes to  using USSD Code in subscribing to data bundle. Despite attempts by Ngwa to send Jenny credit, Jenny keep using the credit to call or text NgwaNgwa had really been worried and want to have a live chat with her girl on the internet. 
Ngwa came to me an presented his problem which is

 '' His inability to  connect with Jenny via the internet because Jenny  cannot use the USSD code correctly''

This was indeed a simple problem to handle in two steps
I. Get an MTN Cameroon Sim Card
II. Send Data as Gift to the number of the friend or family.
       MTN data GIft allows MTN  Cameroon Subscribers to  transfer internet bundles to the ones they care about. With this service the person  paying for the gift must have the required credit for the bundle you are interested in your phone.
There is no additional cost and the receiver has nothing to worry about when it comes to money. Will slay queen like this? I don't know what am saying though. Let us proceed.

Only subscribers with enough funds can give a gift. There is no way to cancel a gift when it it is send and as such you need to take your time in sending your gift. It works like bitcoin in the block chain. The recipient cannot equally reject a gift once it is sent. Both the sender and the receiver of the gift get notified by SMS when the gift bundle is successfully transmitted.

One interesting thing about this service is that if the receiver already have an active subscription, the gift bundle will not be activated and the  sender will be notified that there is an active bundle in the recipients account. Let us see how this is done.

        How to Send Data as Gift  from your Phone to Another Number With MTN Cameroon.

A. Dial the USSD code *157#
 B. On the internet Bundle Menu, reply with the day,week or month. Follow te instructions and reply with the amout you want to send to your love one.
C . You should see two options
1. Confirm Your Subscription and
2. Gift the Bundle
         Reply with option''2'', Enter the number of the  person receiving the gift and confirm.
That is it. as simple as ABC.
What about the other networks, Nexttel and Orange Cameroon?

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