iPhone is one of the best mobile phone selling brand. People are fond of iPhones due to its unique looks and legitimate functioning. 

Every one of us wants to have an iPhone, but these are not cheap. If you are unable to afford a brand new iPhone, there is an alternative method for you. You can purchase a refurbished Apple iPhone. 
Retailers typically provide Refurbished iPhones with different ‘grades’. These are illustrated as below:
Grade A: It means that the iPhone has only minor signs of handling or wear.
Grade B: The iPhone might have scratches or other types of cosmetic damage.
Grade C: This will show you with signs of wear, expect the product appears to be used. 
Now, you’ll be thinking of why to purchase a refurbished iPhone? This Apple product might have some sort of faults and problems. However, in order to avoid such issues, I’ve have made a small checklist for you. Make sure to keep these things in mind while buying a refurbished iPhone:

Look for the Warranty
Indeed, refurbished iPhones come with a specific measure of warranty cover. Make sure that you purchase from a reputed seller as they will provide you with an authentic cover. Never forget to ask regarding the papers and the bill to the warranty in order to avoid purchasing a misplaced or a stolen iPhone. In the event, the seller is unable to provide it; this means that something is wrong.

Do a Service Code Check
Running a service code test, which is an accessible on-screen diagnostic tool, will alert you with an invisible issue with the touch screen, camera, speakers, sensors, vibration and more. Every phone brand has a service code that enables you to check out the aspects of software and hardware. While considering buying a Refurbished iPhone 7, check out for the iPhone app and the free Test, which provides you with an instant checklist of internal and physical tests, such as, color, brightness, accelerometer, touch-screen and more.

Consider the Life of Battery
The new iPhones have a remarkable battery life i.e. more than 7 hours talk time. The continuous usage weakens the battery. Check out the hours of usage the iPhone has gone through and take into account that the battery must not be replaced by a third-party.
While looking for a refurbished iPhone, never forget to consider the battery. Make sure that the battery of the iPhone is original.

Screen Damage
It is important to look out that the refurbished iPhone has visible screen damage. The iPhones have an exceptionally hard glass screen, but in case the iPhone has no screen protector, it is the screen that will possibly have fine scratches. There must be no lines that run through the screen as these will restrict you with a proper reading of a screen and also have an influence on the responsiveness of touchscreen applications. It is recommended that you must select a refurbished iPhone which has a screen with visibility.

Memory Capacity
The memory of the refurbished iPhone must be large enough so that you can perform all the tasks properly. You must have an easy time storing application in which you are interested in. Before you finally make your purchase evaluate your needs and relate to the memory size.
Check the Seller’s Return Policy
Some of the sellers provide you with a return policy that gives you with an extra piece of mind. These sellers are the ones who have established shop or brand. You will not find out the private sellers that offer a return policy, because there are no laws that surround the sale of second-hand purchases.
Check for the IMEI Number
An IMEI is a distinctive number that recognizes any phone in the world. In case the iPhone is stolen, the IMEI number will be conveyed to the carrier and be locked. This implies that your SIM will not properly work with a locked iPhone, so you will need to double check the IMEI to see if it has been reported as stolen or lost.
Check for the iCloud Account and Setup the iPhone
Before making payment to a seller, it is worth to turn on the iPhone and assure that it correctly works. Currently, if the phone has a SIM card within, it may be a good idea to call and text from the phone in order to check if it is capable to take calls and texts. You must want to assure that there is no iCloud account on the iPhone, because this can be difficult to remove it without a password. In the event, the seller refused to replace it, it would mean that it has been stolen.
The Bottom Line
Despite of the fact that the refurbished iPhones save you a lot of money as these are affordable, they have a number of benefits too. If you want to make a trustworthy and reliable Refurbished iPhone 7 purchases, consider purchasing the one from an approved seller. 

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