As 2018 approaches and the Christmas season is upon us, the story of the year dominating financial news is Bitcoin. Bitcoin, in 2017, thus far has jumped in value by over 500% and its Cinderella story has seen the crypto-currency go from a rather obscure financial idea to a mainstream financial instrument with the clout and market value to match. Although the financial industry is still keeping Bitcoin at arms-length and is yet to fully adopt or integrate it into their overall systems, Bitcoin has seen incredible market adoption from the remainder of the world.

For many of the internet-savvy younger generations, it has become a true reflection of their ultra internet-based world. While Bitcoin's rise in 2017 has been unprecedented, its overall market performance since its inception has been unfathomable. Considering that, in under a decade since its creation, Bitcoin has seen its value go from a few cents to, today in November 2017, being worth well over $8000 per coin, Bitcoin is a winner and its adopters are cashing in like no other time in history. According to data on Bitcoin's tremendous rise and facts compiled and published on btc casinos a $100 invested in 2010 would, today, be worth well over $6 million USD. With more of the same expected for the remainder of 2017 and similar predictions for the new year, here are a couple things you need to know about Bitcoin before 2018 is officially upon us.

Bitcoin Supply is Vastly Over-Estimated

Even though a total of 21 million Bitcoin can eventually be mined and circulated, many aren’t taking into consideration a few key factors. As of September 2017, 16.5 million BTC are estimated to be in circulation. However, considering that many of the earliest Bitcoin may have been lost and up to 64% may never enter circulation, Bitcoin supply is less than the markets are willing to except. Assuming that 50% of BTC are those that will never be circulated, less than 8.5 million would be available currently, and with over 5 million wallets in use, this means there is less than 1.5 BTC for every current user and as adoption grows, it will become harder and harder to get a Bitcoin, further increasing price drastically.

Regulations Will Only Drive Up Price

A second point that should be taken into account is the fact that legislation and regulation will only increase price and demand. Bitcoin was created to be free from government or financial sector manipulation, and the more it is regulated, the more in-demand it will become by those looking to circumvent the authority. This, again, will push Bitcoin's market value higher. As many governments look to legislate Bitcoin, the black-market demand will help keep its price bullish.

These two factors alone are enough to predict the continued success of Bitcoin in 2018. For those looking to capitalize on this incredible market potential of Bitcoin, it is important to do your due diligence and learn as much as possible about it. For more information, I suggest taking a look at these 62 insane facts that may just help you form your own opinion on the biggest news of 2017, Bitcoin.


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