Internet was blocked in the Cameroon in the regions of Northwest and South West  (with head quarters Bamenda and Buea respectively ).  In our last post we gave the effect of the outage on start ups in the silicon mountain tech community in Buea, Cameroon.  The #brinbackourinternet social media campaign had been trending with  many organisations and influencers tweeting  with this harsh tag

Kathleen Ndogmo  is a web influencer that had been sharing tweets on this topic.

Here is the infographic
Credits: @pardigmHQ, @KathleenNdogmo
The data covered domains such as vocational trainings,justice,culture,commerce,craft and others. I hope  have appreciated the details in the Infographic.

The infographic above is equally supported  by the results published by the Nigerian based organisation, The Paradigm initiative ,a social enterprise  that focus on Digital Inclusion and Digital rights in Africa.

Internet Sans Frontieres (ISF) an organisation that education on the use of  Internet/web,  promote the use of the Internet at low cost, and promote freedom of expression on the Internet equally  provided  data corresponding to the figure above. According to Internet sans frontiere, the studies  was done on the Financial analysis website  of CNN(Marketplace Africa) and here are the results.

Economic Cost of Internet  Blackout in Cameroon
Several other post on the Internet  shows this can cost more to the country.

According to a post on ,  Carlos company Limited in Buea has  lost 50 million CFA .

Silicon Valley one of the greatest tech hub in Africa producing money making machines and tech entrepreneurs is not operational.  '' Some entrepreneurs plan  go out of the country if this persist ''  said Otto Akama community manage at Active Spaces.

Those seriously in need of the Internet migrate to the other regions and pay hotel bill in addition to the bills they pay in their home town.

I equally noticed a drop in my blog traffic by 2500 views. This has affected my monthly earning even though i am not based in these regions. The situation thus is affecting the economy of Cameroon as a whole and not just the North West and South West regions. 

 As of this moment, they had been no official statement from the government about the Internet situation in the North West and South West Region of Cameroon. These regions are producing many digital entrepreneurs that rely on the Internet for their activities. Having Internet back will not just be a relief to these young talents  but it will be an opportunity for activities to go back to normal in these regions.

Share your opinion and other impacts you thing the Internet cut off has brought to the regions of North West and South West and Cameroon as whole.  
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