Health blogs in Cameroon are difficult to find on the web. Today, i will be revealing to you one of the few health blogs (Health Pleromana) in Cameroon where you can always visit to get health tips, weath loss tips ,benefits of food stuff and more. This blog make use of the web and mobile phones in providing public health services to Cameroonians.

What is Health Pleromana?
Health Pleromana is a Cameroonian health blog created to provide information and services to people. The blogs represents the interest of the youths and adult concerning issues of their health and well-being. Helath Pleromana equally focuses the benefits and disadvantages of some Cameroonians dishes, diets, drinks and habits.
The blog can be access through the domain name

What can you Benefit on Health Pleromana?
 As a reader, a subscriber or member of this blog, there are several things you can benefit. Permit me share five in this post.

i. Stay healthy at little or no cost
There are several health tips on this blog that you can benefit from to stay healthy and strong. As a member of the blog, you will get access to these tips free of charge. However you might pay a little amount to have access to some premium content. 

ii. The health industry is the trillion dollar industry. For health professionals to keep their share of this industry, there must respond to the new developments in the sector. Healthpleromana provides updates and insights that every health professional might need.

iii. Having a population that is ''sick'' and can’t afford health care is not good to the entire population including these that can afford healthcare. Staying updated on means keeping the entire population healthy. This is why you have to share every post you read on this blog for others to read and stay healthy.

iv. As a member of Health Plero, you can have access to medical advice and information on your computer or phone.
  To discover other benefits of this Cameroon health blog, visit
        Health Pleromana

  Innovative Ideas?
There author of the blog Nahbila Venessa has a unique writing style among others that makes it qualified or stand out as  the best health blogs. However we found out two major innovative ideas;

 i. M-health Service for Cameroonians and Others

With the increasing popularity of  bulk sms and the use of mobile phones in Cameroon,  the M-health projcet stands a great chance of being the game changer in the health sector in Cameroon.  The mHealth service of HP  make use of mobile phones and bulk sms to educate the public on health.

This is a service which permits mobile phone subscribers to get health updates, follow ups and notifications on their mobile phones . This service  will help subscribers to be up to date with the  Prevention and management of diseases, sexual and reproductive health among others.

ii. Off line  Health Activities.
Helath Pleromana offers health educational services to groups and individuals. This permits even those who cannot read or have access to technological devices to stay up to date with Health Pleromana while healthy.

Why should you Visit Daily?

Public health in Cameroon over the past years seems to be responsibility of the state and some major organizations in and out of the country.  By go through the blog post on, you will find that the blog is created in an effort to assist in the protection of the population.

This is why I consider the website as a public health service blog to Cameroonians and the world at large.
You need a health coach and health education in order to be healthier, the same way a footballer needs a coach and training to be very effective. If you agree with me then  visit daily. 
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  1. why the site HealtPleromana is not opening .. its loading loading n loading kindly tell

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Angu Ransom said, "The website is woKring just find. Send a screen shot via my email for me to check out." Thanks for the comment and hope to see you around for a while.

  2. I visited this blog and it is really great. How is the site being monetized?

    1. The site is monetized through reviews and affiliate marketing


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