There are several different types of mobile phones available for sale online. However, knowing the exact place to get the latest phones  seem to be a problem. Jumia Cameroon is still the best online shopping website in Cameroon where you can buy all the latest phone in the market and more especially in Cameroon. There are several promotional offers that online shoppers in Cameroon can make use of on Jumia. 
You can buy several phones on promotion on jumia. Some promotions that you can make use of is the MTN promotions on jumia. Jumia discounts, Jumia shopping days  and Discounts from trusted sellers.
In this post, we are going to see the top three mobile phone brands that we can buy in Cameroon by
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Alright, Let us get to our focus on this post, top three phone brands (types) to shop online on Jumia Cameroon.

1. Vodafone 
Vodafone Phones in Cameroon on Jumia
Vodafone is the latest telecom company in Cameroon. The company offer excellent phones which are suitable for the latest generation of people commonly referred to in Cameroon as ''the android generation''. Vodafone smart phone and tablets are available on Jumia for sale at various prices .

Vodafone has hit the world with the smart series (smart Turbo,smart platinum,smart ultra 7 etc.) just like Huawei and Samsung. These 4G phones are cheap and affordable. 

Vodafone phone prices on jumia ranges from 23 000 XAF to 300 000 CFA
You can check out vodafone phones available for sale and vodfaone mobile phone prices on Jumia.
You can equally buy vodafone tablest like Vodafone Tab Speed,Tab Prime and others.

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Samsung Phones on Jumia
Samsung phones are the most popular phones in the world. The phones are  well known for its camera quality .
Samsung phone are available for sale all over the world.  More than 300 different samsung phones are available for shopping online on Jumia  from different sellers including our top telecom companies like MTN and Orange Cameroon. All the galaxy series(S3,S4,S5,S6,S7 and others ) are available on Jumia,thanks to to ''Maison Samsung Cameroon''.

Samsung Galaxy S7  on Jumia Cameroon

The samsung galaxy series which is made up of phone types like Galaxy C9  pro,samsungW2017,Glaxy A8,samsung galaxy on NXT,Samsung ON8,galxy ON7,samsung galxy J1Mini,samsung glaxy wide,samsung galaxy S7,Samsung Z3 and others which everyone is excited to use.

May be you have been searching for galaxy s4 prices in cameroon,galaxy s5 prices in Cameroon among others types. Jumia is the place to get them at the cheapest prices. Samsung phone on Jumia ranges from 35 000 XAF to 500 000. You can buy single  or dual Sim phones depending on your need. Lets us get the approximate prices of Samsung S3-S7  phones in Cameroon and precisely on Jumia shop.

Samsung Galaxy S3 price in Cameroon:  40 000-185 000 XAF
Samsung Galaxy S4 price in Cameroon : 82 000-165 000 XAF
Samsung Galaxy S5 price in Cameroon :125 000-311 000 XAF
Samsung Galaxy S6 price in Cameroon :280,00- 500 000 XAF
Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Cameroon :40 000 XAF-510 000XAF
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3. Apple iPhone in Cameroon on Jumia
 Shopping online in Cameroon  had made it easy to  get all we need  anytime and any where, including smartphones(iPhones inclusive).Iphones are gradually getting popular in Cameroon in Cameroon, thanks to online shops in Cameroon. For those who are not using iphones in Cameroon , let us get to see what iPhones are in the next 4 lines. 

iPhone are smart phones produce by Apple. These phones functions like tablets,iPods,computers,digital camera and above all as mobile phones. The phones can be used for browsing the Internet and for other functions thanks to the various Iphone apps in the apple store.

The top smart phone operating systems today are the android and Apple operating systems. Our first two brands will work very well for android phone users. 
The latest iPhone in the market can be bought on Jumia. I could find all Iphone types on Jumia. some of which included; iPhone 4S,iphone 7,A1723 iphone SE, iPhone6 and others. These phones are being sold by  the best sellers in Cameroon including MTN CAMEROON. You can get up to 50 perecent discount on some of the iPhones on jumia Cameroon.
Are you among those asking the question
 What is the price of Iphone  in Cameroon?
You can get a good response by visiting 
                   Apple Phone store on Jumia
 Thank you all for reading. we made this post to feature the top three brands . Vodafone represents the latest brand to be discovered by Camerooninas,Samsung is the most popular android smart phone and iPhone is the most popular  Apple smart phone that take iOS.

In the days ahead we will be writting on other phone types in Cameroon and On Jumia  Cameroon.
To shop other phone brands on Jumia,
Visit and scroll down to  the image below. Click on any brand you are interested in like e.g Infinix,Samsun.Techno,Huawei,htc,InnJOO,Intex  and you can continue naming them .

 Please Share your comments on your best phones so that we can write about in our next post. Also comment if you like the brands we have share. Thank you once more for reading
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  1. The worst paper one can write on the subject covered. How much does Vodafone pay to get such a referral?


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