Internet devices are very important when we want to access interenet from our favorite service provider.  Its been  hot on social media with vodafone Cameroon #JeCreeTomorrow tag,before and after the official launching  in Douala . What's next?
Vodefone Cameroon  Campaign T-shirt

We took a stop to the Vodafone's shop and found out two main internet devices (For Wifi) which we will be sharing with you. May be you might just need one to have the true feeling of 4G LTE internet connection in Cameroon. We will see two main internet devices, the Vodafone LTE Mifi and  and Vodafone   LTE Wi-Fi  Internet router.

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 Vodafone Cameroon internet Wi-Fi  Router.

The Wifi router allows you to connect up to 32 users through  Wi-Fi . You can equally connect it through a wired connection to your  PC.  You can use tjis device to use internet on Computers,Game Console,Smart TVs, Tablets,Laptops,,smart phone and others. This device is a simple device to use . It does not require you to use any software for it to be functional (plug and play).

Other specifiaction of The Router includes
The device is design to ensure a stable Wi-Fi coverage.

 Owners can share Wifi over a range of about 250 m.

 The device equally has a USb port  which can be be used to connect the router to a printer.

What about the cost?
With 49 900 XAF you can get one and make your browsing life rock with 4G LTE right here in Cameroon.

Before we move to the next device just have a loook at

Vodafone Cameroon Internet Bundles and Cost

Vodafone LTE MI-Fi  Internet Device. 
     The Mifi is a portable ruoter that permits the user to use wireless internet connection
We can say a ''Mobile router''.   Here are some specifications we can offer for the device.
-The device is  sold at 8 900 XAF
-Its can Can connect upto ten devices at the same time.
-It is equally good for home use and has a batery life of 8 hour.
-The device is easy to use since no software or installation is needed for you to start using it.

 As we said earlier those were the two main Wireless devices. There are other internet devices like the phone and modem which you can equally make use of.
Have you used the vodafone internet in Cameroon?

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