Making money with Youtube Videos is equally one the ways to make money online. Youtube is a website for sharing and watching videos online. The website has gone through many ninnovations ssince it was acquired by Google in Novemeber 13, 2006. Today the website is used by brand to creta awareness, make sales and recruit workers. Individuals can equally make money from using Youtube or from their videos on Youtube.
What does it take to make Money with Youtube?
   -Consider your audience and care about them
   - Provide quality content (comments) or videos to your audience .
-Money will come, you dont have to look for money. Focus on Your Job creating and engaging with your audience.

Let us see some ways we can make cash using YouTube.

But before i proceed, i will like to let you know that this is not a get rcih quick thing.  You must invest time and if possible money to make the best Youtube videos so that you can earn. Hope we are good. Ok let us get started.

YouTube Mone(YM)


                 Selling Affiliate Products

   I love affiliate marketing because the pay check is high once you make a sale. This is why i decided to make it number one. You can use Youtube to sell affiliate products , make money and take a vacation to Singapore. Oh yes,
                                                   How to do it
 i. Make a product Review Channel
You can create a channel that talk about different products on Amazon, Avanagate or product on any other affiliate network or website. Focus on the review. Talk about the advanatges, the cons,where to get it and the price.
Your affiliate link can come at the end of the video or on the comment section where people can click to make a purchase. Alway make sure you shorten your link with Google link shortener or any other service that permits you to track clicks.

ii. Commenting on Other Videos
    In addition to doing video reviews, you can equally make conversions to affiliate products by commenting. In order to be successful with this method, follow these tips;
 - Write comments that are worth reading. Avoid comments like nice video, great ,i like the video  and othe which are just so boring when someone find a link under it.Your comments should show you know someting and people will like to buy what you recommend.
- Avoid sharing links on on videos.
-  Commet on videos that  have audience for the product you want to market. For example, you can market an udemy course on a video that is talking about learning onine.
-Comment like an expert and try to initiate interaction on your comment. To do this you can ask questions, reply to other comments and at the end twist the conversation to  end with where can i buy''
Ok, here we go, you can now sell.

 Those are the main ways to market affiliate products on Youtube. Thinking out of the box means more money and that is what everyone should try to do. Create yourown method and increase you sales.

YM#2 Sell You own Brand or Products

If you have a product or an online store, the Youtube is equally a place to  make sales. With a video posted about your product, people will comment and request for where to buy. What is next?
Your email or your website. At the end you will have some money in your bank account.

YM#3     Making Money as a Consultant On YouTube
You can equally become a consultant  ,thanks to YouTibe Videos. If you feel you are good at a particular niche. e.g solving relationship problems,tapping plam wine,fishing etc, then it is time to talk to the world about it. Using YouTube videos is one of the ways to do it. when your audience develope trust in you and your ideas, you will find yourself being booked for a coaching service. That is the beginning of the dollar dollar. Stay focused and do it welll because the thousand and millions are not far after your fisr deal. This requires hard work my dear friends.

YM#4    Work With  Companies or Brands to Promote then on your Channel(s)
   Many comapnies will like to increase sale or product awareness. If you have a channel with a good number of subscribers or views per months, then you can get on wity this method.
Mark Angel commedy of Nigeria and other YouTube channels  are  making great sucess with this method.
    Here is how to do it
i. Put a picture of te brand or product in your video or show the brand name in the back ground
ii. put a video ad for the first  or last 10 seconds of the video
iii. Write sponsored by or thanks your videos
iv. Make a video talking about the brand and publish on your channel.
v. Use your own ways. 

YM#5    Monetize Your Videos with Google Adsense

  This is one of the most common ways to make money with YouTube Videos with people  making millions of dollars while majority cannot even make 5 dollars per month. This simply require you to create a video and  monetize them with ads.

Here is how to do it. 

- Enable your channel for  monetization,
-link your channel to you adsense account,
 - monetize your videos with ads by selecting a suitable fomat
Permit me for making this short. I will update you with another post on how to make money with adsense using youtube videos  at your request.
Making millions of dollars is possible when you can create you own idea and monetize it. Think and think and think you can just bring up the best method to make money with youTube.

You can equally check some other was to earn from   You Tube Creator Academy
 Have you ever made money on YouTube? 

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