As we saw in our last post, is an online fashion shop based in China with warehouses in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Canada. We saw some products and even had the opportunity to experience shopping on styleWE.
But what are some of the top  reasons to shop on stylewe then? 

     #1 StyleWE  offer  products that  are designed by independent fashion designers. StyleWE bring together designers and fashion covering many different styles.
We hope that every one of our customers will find their own unique and exclusive designer fashion at StyleWe.”

#2  Stylewe offers its client discount of up to 50 per cent for products. You will probably like to keep ‘’change ‘’ after doing an online shopping.

#3One other reason to shop on styleWe is that , StyleWe offers free shipping to most of the products available. This saves cost on the part of the customer. 

#4 Shop on the go with styleWe.  All styleWe customers can do their purchase on phone or computer. In addition to this, you can equally down load the stylewe App on   appstore which permits you to shop on the go with little or no stress.

#5 is a responsive website, keeping everything under control as you make your purchase on phone, tablet or some other mobile device. 

#6 StyleWe has a contact us page which permits customers to keep in contact with the company. You can contact the company on phone or by email. This makes the site trust worthy.  Just another reason to shop on styleWe. 

#7 Payment is by PayPal. This is one of the safest methods of payment online. This led us to the conclusion that a reson to do your shopping on styleWe. Is that is safe.

#8 Customers on styleWe can return or exchange products there are not satisfied with.  The easy exchange and fast refund service offered by Style we give us a good reason to shop there.

#9 We are not done. I  like Flash Sale. Stay updated with flash sales deal which permits you to get up to 80 per cent discount on Style We. Who will not like to benefit from 80 per cent discount? 

#10 Anyone can make money with As market with a variety of products, you can sign up for their affiliate program on Sharesales or webgains, make sales and save some money for holidays in Singapore. 

I feel like giving number 11,12 ,13 etc. OK but I promised you ten on my title.
Whenever we have a great company or product, we can list even 100 reasons. But there is no need since this ten reasons attempt to say it all. Style we is not just an online Shopping website, it is a community for those who love fashion.  Are you ready to shop on StyleWE? 

Tell us your reason for or against shopping on Stylewe
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