Hello I am happy to do another write up today. When I thought of this topics, what came into my mind was making your phone to work better especially when comes to downloading from the internet and saving energy. After some research I discovered boosting your phone can cover a very wide range thought. In this post we will discover most of the things when it comes to boosting a phone and how to do it.  Boosting n this case is not some kind of technical term. It means improving or increasing the functioning of your mobile phone. So how can we make our phones to work better?

#1 Boosting Your Phone reception Signal
I am from Cameroon where in the rural areas reception is never the best.  I still remember my trip to a village called ‘’Acha-Tugi’’ in Mbengwi, the North West region of Cameroon. People always leave from far to come and make calls in one hill where reception is better.   There are even some areas where you need to climb on the roof to make calls. So what can be done to make things comfortable when you are getting poor signals due to distance from a cell tower (AKA Antenna) or due to interference?

Solution: Buy a cell Phone signal Booster
 This device is composed of an antenna and an amplifier to boost your network. It does not need the internet to function and can boost all networks including 4G LTE.
This device simply detects and collects poor signals from your mobile carrier and amplifies them for a better quality.  You can get this device from 50,000 Fcfa to about 500,000CFA.
 What if I cannot afford this amount of money?
Ok . It is not the end of the world for you there are still alternatives for you to go with.

A1: You can use VoIP Call if you can have access to a wifi network. This will enable you to communicate better. There are several services that provide Voip services such as skype, viber, ransbiz and others.

A2: You can equally enable Wi-Fi Calling on your phone to make calls. This helps you to get your calls and SMS with ease.  This is a very common feature on Iphones.

#2 Boosting your Phone in terms of security
Sometimes your phone can become very slow .  In order to make it look better, you need to do the following
      -Install an antivirus such as Avast, Bitdefender  ,CM security etc.
          -Delete old messages on your phone to clear space
            -Delete app you are not using.
-Clear Cached Data
- Turn off auto sync function on your phone for some apps

Permit me end here .
What can be done to make  a mobile device work better?

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