Once more another opportunity for Cameroonians to use free internet.
With this opportunity you get free internet without hacking or cracking. Wonderful right?
But not all will be qualified to benefit from this offer.  

                             Oh oh, not bad news .

Free internet bundles will be given to those who preregistered and invited their friends during the pre-launch period of Vodafone Cameroon.
Vodafone   just launched its activities in Cameroon. Before the official launching of Vodafone, you might have clicked an d on Facebook which required you to enter some information. 

At the   end of that your received an SMS notification or email notification with a message telling you to invite three friends. If you did that then, it is time for you to get some free internet bundles. 

                           How will you get Free  internet with Vodafone?
Well it is not 100 percent free. You can only claim the free data after making a purchase. The Giga life bundle cost 2 950 FCFA.  This bundle is valid for 30 days and comes with 2G of internet data. If you pay for this internet package then you will benefit from the  pre-registration bonus based on the following;

i.                    If you pre-registered only, then you will benefit from the Giga life bundle with no free data. Enjoy your 2G data in peace my friend.

ii.            What if you pre-registered, invited some friends but all rejected your invitation?

Don’t be worried, Vodafone got you covered. You will get 0.5 GB free. We are talking here of about 500 MB free which at times, you pay  500 XAF for it.

iii.               For those who pre-registered ,invited friends and the friends joined, here will be your benefit whenever you purchase a Gigalife bundle

              1 friend accepted your Inviation

Here is what you will get: 2G+ 1G free internet Data.

                    2 friends Accepted your Invitation
Yes, you did great. Here is your reward
2G  Giga life +1.5 G free data.

       3 Friends  Accepted My Invitation
No problem you will get 2G data + 2G free data when you purchase Vodafone Cameroon Giga life bundle.

More Than 3 Friends Accepted My Inviation

Vodafone + I will reward you.

Here is what you will get from Vodafone
   2G data + 2G free internet.

               My Reward for you
Thank you for promoting Vodafone.
Thank you for reading. If you pre-registered go now and buy a bundle to get started.

Invitation bonuses are applicable to three invitations and free data is limited to 2G. 

Will you like to use Vodafone Cameroon internet?

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