The wireless router acts like a middleman between two networks. They can be two WAN or LAN networks or LAN and ISP’s network. They generally represent a gateway or in simple words, a place where two networks or more get connected. As any other electronic device routers too can experience some problems and cause you trouble. In that case it is good to know how to take care of some networking issues on your own.

Wireless router problems

If your router becomes sluggish and not performing well it is important to find the solution as quickly as possible. If this happens, it is recommended to check whether some other devices interfere in the wireless signal. If this is not the case they you will have to check the three channels of your router since someone else might be using one channel. This can be done after you access the router settings page.
The possibility to lock the router automatically is one reason why you can’t access the router settings. This means you can’t access and modify its options to fix a specific problem. However, this issue can be solved easily by resetting the router. In most cases the reset button is placed on the back of the router and you will have to use a small pin to press this button. This button is hidden in order to avoid accidental resets.
Since the router runs continuously it may use more bandwidth and at the same time spend more electricity. Problems like these can be solved quickly by connecting the router and printer at the same time to a same strip. This means when your PC is off, these two will be off too.
In case you have places in your home where you have no wireless signal you will have to use 802.11 router as well as an adapter. This is rather easy solution which will greatly improve your wireless range.
Any wireless router problem has to be solved as fast as possible because it slows down the entire network. If you are using it in your office you can only imagine how frustrating can be to have to send some documents and files and you have no internet connection.


1.      Power up your wireless internet by using modern routers and adapters
2.      From time to time check your wireless channels and see if someone else is using your bandwidth
3.      If you have any dead spots in your home where the wireless signal is unusable, you can try using a MIMO.


If the problem is not caused by your router it is recommended to check this
1.      Check if everything is connected properly and that the connections are firm enough
2.      Test your wireless adapter
3.      The router settings have to be checked from time to time and see if they are OK. You can easily do this with the router default IP address. According to this site in most cases it is and you will also need the default router username and password. So once you are logged into the router settings you can check all its settings and if needed change them according to your needs.
4.      Check the TCP/IP settings if you are using a wireless router
5.      Ping your router to see whether there is a problem in the PC-router connection
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