The making money online thing in Cameroon has grown over the years but still seem impossible to many.

What is it?

Earning online is no new thing but a big thing in today’s generation.  (Generation android).
It was known as a means to make a second income stream in addition to the ways you make cash from your offline activities. Today, many companies and individuals are making full time income by working online.  There are several ways to earn online. In my e-book ‘’The Online Marketing guide’’, I sited the following methods to earn online
-Affiliate marketing
-Multi-level marketing
-social media (Facebook,twitter etc)
Your ways  (which involve you thinking out of the box).
There are other ways which we can make a list of even 100.

Let’s get back to our focus on this post which is why it seems impossible to make money online in Cameroon?
Scamming  and Online Fraud in Cameroon
This is one the greatest challenges that has affected online activities in Cameroon. Scammers have made some talented individuals to think that people who make money online are scammers.  It is important to note that this is one of the words that has featured on page one of Google whenever you search ‘’Cameroon’’ till 2013.  But guys these bad guys have paid for all they have done and those still into it will pay. There are legit ways to earn online and everyone should be part.

Low online Presence

 With just about 5 percent of Cameroonians online, many people think they cannot make conversions.  We understand that that is easier to make sales to home based clients but I still remember my economics classes ‘’International trade’’.
The online world is one. It is you getting the best business and tells the world about it through websites, emails, blogs, forums, social media, word-of-mouth and others.

Lack of information on online earning opportunities
Information about online opportunities still seems difficult. This is because people are not aware of the various income streams.  So they cannot search about it on the web. The web is made up of millions of articles on how to make earn online.
Network Marketing as the most popular way to make money online in Cameroon

  Meetings are held every day in Cameroon especially in the city of Douala by some big guns preaching about new or popular business which you have to bring in people to earn cash. The big names you can hear today include Beonpush Cameroon team,4 corners alliance, JM Ocean ,AIM global and others.   Sometimes some people put their cash but fail to bring in other people and at the end earn no cash. Such people will say earning online is fake. They will spread this and those who have never tried will conclude making it seem impossible.

Dear friends this is just one the ways to make money online. With network marketing recruiting is very important.  It is not the best because such companies come and go.  As mentioned above there are hundreds of ways to have a taste of online dollars. It is not all about bringing people into one business. You can use this method when you want to make quick cash.
Online in Cameroon is a facebook/Whatsapp show

The use of Facebook and whatsapp has become popular that many don’t care about searching information on Google. With the introduction social packages by MTN, Orange and Nexttel, which permits subscribers to use Whatsapp, Facebook and twitter only, many cannot use other features of the internet or visit other website. This factor has limited many to understand that the internet is about chat, and sharing pictures.   This can also be associated to the high cost of internet bundles.   I believe if the telecom companies make internet data affordable, many will discover the great opportunities that are hidden online.

Again, this can be by passed by those who really know what they want. The earlier you know about making money online the better for you because you can create a great future when you understand it.  The internet is not all about whatsapp and Facebook. It is about having the dollars and taking a trip to Singapore. Get started now!
Believes and cultures still a Challenge

Some of our brothers and sisters back home have their ideas which can be altered only by the grace of God.  This has made it a barrier to taking them online to discover the billion dollar industry.
Others will like to take opportunities from someone from his/her village. Many people always ask me ‘’ which village are you from’’.  I don’t know how this is related to tech and entrepreneurship that I preach.  Team building is thus difficult when it comes to making money online just because you are a ‘’Bamenda’’, ’’Bamileke’’  ,’’Biafra’’ among others.

I network with many people including Indians, Americans, and others which is the strength of my growth. If we eliminate believes that are taking us backward then making money online will be a reality.

This is the century of digital technology, get involve in digital marketing, make money and say
‘’I am new generation entrepreneur’’ with some dollars in your bank account.

I have two ebooks that can help you get started
The Online Marketing Guide.

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  2. You just touched my soul with these post. The problem we have in a Cameroon is ignorance, people have been made to think that making money online must be scam related in addition to the fact that people don't even have access to credit cards. I think its time for serious sensitisation


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