We are in the era where entrepreneurship seem to be at its peak. We tend to focus a lot on the theories and principles of entrepreneurship. 
In the Book ''Knowing The Real You'' ,you will be able to understand what it takes to have the mind set of an entrepreneur.   
You can also find great topics like Happiness, what we need to know about education, knowing who a ‘’Human being’’ is and above all the sixth sense which is the secret of most successful people. In this book, you will find how some people used this sense to achieve an objective.
In this post, I am going to share with you about an aspect that is actually part of us but is being neglected. This is called the sixth sense.
 We are going to answer the question   '' What is the Sixth sense?''
The sixth sense is the engineer of the human body it helps to, design and implement the projects the mind always calls impossible.
       The sense of imagination is the sense which is not used by most. We use it accidentally.
  The sixth sense should be used with purpose. It requires concentration on the path of the user.
     The sixth sense is that which prevents you from relying on the billions of nerve cells for understanding, feeling and transmission of information. It is the source of wisdom in human beings which cannot be explained biologically.
     The sixth sense should be applied when the intensity of thought is higher than the ordinary or normal thought. The intensity level can be increased by stimulation of the mind.  Thinking of what A or B told you cannot work.
     The sense of imagination allows you to communicate with sources of knowledge (not a school) which are not available in the ordinary world.
The sixth sense allows you to interact with great forces on earth (intangible forces).
             The sixth sense is what can be used to explain extrasensory perception in human beings. That is the idea of telepathy and clairvoyance. It is what will enable you to recognize someone in the dark without seeing their face. It is what enables someone one to see a through an opaque wall. It is what enables some gamblers to see a card face down.
    The sixth sense will enable you to refuse a sexual offer. It is important to know that the desire for sexual expression is a mind stimulant.
    The sixth sense is what you use to fight indecision. It can be effectively used by students in particular in this case. Why did you decide to read economics, engineering, biology,  etc. in school. What is your purpose?  With the power of imagination all these doubts will disappear if they exist in you.
    It is what tells you there is no short cut to riches. It gives you a direct path to follow to get the freedom you desire.

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  1. i am very much interested in getting a copy of the book. Thanks and Remain blessed. i look forward to knowing the real me.

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