Pay pal is one of the safest ways to do online payments.  In my last post on   PayPal, i gave the advantages of  using PayPal .Some websites  that accept pay pal or credit cards for enable automatic deduction of money from your account to renew payments for the service. when you accept an automatic renewal for a service with
Paypal , it means  you have signed what is known as ''Paypal Blling agreement'' This agreement allows pay pal to facilitate payment into merchants account directly.

It is a good option to save time in renewing services. I accept automatic renewal on sites like Hostgator for my hosting account and Godaddy for domain renewal. There are several websites that use this feature for the benefit of the users. All you have to do is ,  focus on you activities while payment is being done by pay pal.  Is that not great?
However some people get into automatic renewal contracts without actually knowing. This is because of the various terms that describe this option of payment.

Here are some words that will tell you pay pal will automatically renew your subscription for a service.

-Allow Recurring Payment
-Automatic Payments
-Preapproved Payments
-Future Payments
-Accept our Payment Obligations 

-Payment subscriptions-Billing Agreement
-Charge Nominated payment source directly;

While doing a purchase, you might just click next on these words somewhere without actually knowing you are into a recurring online payment deal. It is important to watch out for these words.

Once you accept an automatic subscription for a service, your account will be deducted from the day you enter into the agreement till you cancel it. If you don't cancel it the deduction will continue whether you are dead or alive. 
     Once you enter into such a deal is it easy to get out? The answer is a big ''yes''.
  I will show you how this can be done.

       How Cancel Automatic Payment with Pay pal
 I am assuming here you have a PayPal account. If you don't then consider  Reading this post


I. Common Method
When ever you Google ‘’ how to Cancel pay pal automatic payment with PayPal’’ this  four step tutorial always show up in many pages
i.    Login to pay pal
ii.    Click on profile Tab
iii.    Then click on “My money ‘’ and then  My pre-approved payment”
iv.    And Select the payment you want to disable and click Cancel.
         This seem pretty cheap, but it is not the same with what i see in my pay pal account at the moment i am writing this post.  I am in Cameroon where pay pal is a ''pay only'' service. This might be the reason for this. If the common method does not apply to your account, then you can try the method i will show you below

   For this tutorial to work for you, ensure that your top tabs look like the one display in the screen show below when you sign in.

Let us get started:
1: Login to PayPal
2. Click on the gear Icon(next to Logout) at the top left.
3. Tab will be displayed just below the tabs display on the screen shot above . Click on ''Payments''.

4.  You should see a drop down like the one label ''2'' above.  Click on Preapproved Paymnets.

I have one service which I have allow recurring payment as seen on the screen shot. If you have more you should see a list.
5. click on the Service (Displayed under Merchant) you want cancel your payment  subscription and click on ''Cancel'' displayed on the top left of your page.

Once  the process is complete you should see a confirmation message like this

 That is it we are done. You cash is saved for the next deal . You can also check you email to confirm the cancellation was successful.
Summary in Pictures

Click Settings

Click on Payment

Click on My Preapproved Payments

Click on Cancel

Get Confirmation Message

 why will you decide to stop an automatic renewal ?

In brief here are some reasons you might want to cancel a subscription

-You are not satisfied with the service quality and you want to use another company providing that same service.
-The prize subscription  fee has increased
-The service is not what you think
-You don't have enough cash to spend for the service .
-you wanted to test a service 
-Lastly you are conscious. You don't want to lost some dollars for not being alert.

Your are  have achieved what you wanted and it is time to say Good bye to the service
and more. When you have your money you decide how to spend , when to spend it and with whom to spend it. You  are free to cancel recurring payments with pay as i have described above.

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Let me know if you have had any issues with automatic payments and how you resolved it. Thank you for reading.

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