Why is it Important to Have a Pay Pal Account?
Hello to all members of the growing and rich online world. With increasing use of the internet oevr the world more and more methods of payment are involving such as bitcoin,slid trust payments, payoneer, perfect money and so on, pay pal stands out as one of the best for now because of the following :

1. Experience; Pay pal is the oldest for of payment online. They thus the best in experience and quality if course. This gives you gurantee of the safety of your money. Rememeber some payment services just come up and members who sign up just end up lamenting after putiing in their credit card number.

2. Safety; Pay pal is a safeway to do your online payments .This is beacuse it stand as a middle man between your bank account or credit card and the payee. You dont input your credit card details directly on the site you want to do payment. As such your money is secure with pay pal.

3. Reliability; Just like most of the payments method which function immeditealy after creating account/signing up, pay pal require verification and confirmation of account after signing up. This makes it more reliable than other payment methods.

4. Fast; In addition to security the pay pal payment services is very fast.Sometime even with your credit card, you are not able to pay to sites that accept credit card. However once you have a verified pay pal accunt, you can pay to any site that accepts pay pal with little or no problems.

5. No sign up Fees ; Pay pal does not charge you for creating an account .
Pay pal got other advantages which you need to experience. If you dont have a pay pal account just check out www.paypal.com for one right now.


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