VPN tricks are one of the best ways to get Nexttel free internet
This free trick is not available only for this year. Most VPN tricks will work for a long period of time. I have written a post on How to get free internet in Cameroon with Droid VPN and Your Freedom VPN (If you can buy the premium versions of this VPNs, you will get unlimited data).

VPNs allow you to browse the internet anonymously. What they actually do is , they change your IP. With a VPN you will not need to set up IPs like we have been seeing in most of the tricks. Most VPNs today have both web and mobile versions.   

Today we will be using VPNTUNNEL. We will use this VPN to get free internet. But before going to the free internet use, Let us know other ways we can use this VPN. If you are not interested in other uses you can move straight to point #5  

1.      Hide IPs
Hiding your IP allows you to surf the internet in more privacy. This is actually a step to internet Privacy because, it is impossible to browse the internet completely as anonymous. It is better to say you can access some sites as anonymous.

2.     Unlock  Voip  and skype Blocks, 
  Sometimes when you leave from one country to another, you find difficulties accessing your VoIP accounts to make VoIP calls or even use skype to make skype calls. With the use of a VPN, you will rock this like ''ABC''.
3.     By pass Geoblocks   and Browse on any website
The world is a ‘’global village’’. Some websites restrict visitors from other countries. You can use VPN tunnel to see what is happening in such sites. Please make sure you have something to gain and will not cause any damage or harm when accessing that website. I for one I used VPNs. For example, when someone tried login into my banking account on my PC, the bank blocked login from that IP. For me to do my transaction before reporting the case, I had to use a VPN called Hide My Ass to get into my Bank account to do transaction. You can email me to send you a coupon to buy Hide My Ass.
4.     Free INTERNET

Ok, this was the focus on this post. I emphasized on the other uses to ensure that you make good use of your VPN when you purchase it. 
The internet you will get here will not be 100 percent free. You will have to pay let’s say ‘’2000 FCFA’’ to get the VPN which allows you to get unlimited internet for the entire month.
  You can download, watch YouTube Videos among others.            

You Can ALSO Use Your Freedom (This is the one that has been used by many to get unlimited internet in Cameroon. It works very well with Nextel, MTN and Orange Cameroon.
To get started with VPN Tunnel, follow these steps:

===1 Connect your modem to your computer with some  data.
===2. Go to   https://vpntunnel.com/en/order/signup and purchase
===3.Create your account and select the Middle plan (The best plan)
===4. Download and run the software on your PC with as an administrator    to avoid connection errors.
===5.   Launch and Get unlimited data and band width.
You don’t need to set up any other thing. Just select the servers and start browsing.

Bonus trick:  Free Internet on a Cracked Key
Another great way of getting free internet in Cameroon is by using a cracked key. We have seen how to crack a key to take multiple sim cards.
With this key, you can set up profiles and enter theIPs For free Internet and browse for free on Your Computer.

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