Free Internet Access Using Your freedom VPN



Your freedom VPN and Computer.

  Step 1.

Go to   and set up an account. When registration is complete, Download and install it on your computer  

Step 2.

Launch the VPN  and Under the status navigation bar look for configure button and click on it.  A dialogue box will appear with various options.

Step 3.

Click on the "account information" tab enter the username and the password that you used on the Your freedom website.

Step 4.

click on the "proxy settings" tab then click on the "wizard" button and finally Click "next" button

Step 5.

Tick the following settings to proceed.


 Step 6.

 click on the "server connection" button on the menu then click "wizard" don’t be in a haste. Let the scanning complete.

Step 7

click any of the server and finally click next followed by a click  on "save and exit" 

Step 8

Click on start connection and it should be done in three minutes. If it is not connected, you can try another server.

If it still don't work,  Set up your browser to  auto detect proxy . Here is how to do it with Mozilla

==Go to the Top right hand of your browser
==Click on options
==Then Select the "Advanced" tab and Click on   ‘’Network’’
==Select settings
==Click on Auto –detect proxy settings for this network
==And click OK two times.  Restart Mozilla and There you go

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