MTN Cameroon being the leader in telecom service in Cameroon had brought about many innovations in Cameroon. One of its major achievement is the introduction of MTN Banking services commonly known as mobile money. This mobile banking service has been of advantage to individuals, schools, businesses and other institutions.
In this post I will provide   answer some questions that will help you to use the services.
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   Before we begin you have to ensure you have a mobile money account registered with MTN Cameroon. If you don’t have, then read out the post:
                       How to Register For MTN mobile Money services

Basically, using MTN mobile money is all about dialing the USSD code *126# and following the steps depending on your needs or the type of transaction you want to carry out. To carry out  a mobile money operation, simply reply with the number that corresponds with ‘’what you want to do’’. For example if buy airtime is option 2, you will reply with ‘’2’’ (Please don’t use the quotes’’ just type 2).Here are some questions which will help you to use the service effectively.

1.     How can I contact MTN mobile money customer care?
-Dial 8787
-Choose your language
-Reply with 3 (at the moment),   For mobile money services.
-Enter the pass word 1111 if asked for.
Other pass words that work at times include: 7777 or 0000.
                                        2. What is mtn mobile money code?
The code *126# or *126*1# gives you access to all MTN mobile money options
There are other codes that you can use. You can read

3.     Which tariff plans can I subscribe to with MTN mobile money airtime?

The airtime you get from MTN mobile money is like any other airtime. You can use it with any tariff plan.
4.     How can I get my password if forgotten?
Get to customer service( see respond above if you have forgotten). Request for  a pin reset.
The agent will send the pin to your phone. When you recive the pin, write it oout on a piece of paper
-Dial *126*1#
-select ‘’ Manage Account’’  (reply with  ‘’5’’)
-Select ‘’PIN Reset’’  ( by replying with option ‘’5’’)
-Enter the code that was sent to you
-Enter a new pin (It should be of 5 digit) which you can easily remember.
You will always need this to do your transactions.
5.     HOW Can I withdraw money without a phone?
You cannot withdraw money without a phone. Every transaction is carried out with a mobile phone. You will need your phone to confirm the withdrawal.
                                      6. How can I change my pin?
-Dial *126*1#
-Reply with the number corresponding to manage account ( ‘’5’’ at the moment am writing this post).
-Select ‘’Change Account Pin’’
-Enter the old pin to confirm your account  and proceed to create a new pin.
                                       7. How can I put money into my account?
MTN Cameroon has more than 1000+ authorized partners where you can carry out your mobile money operations.  If you can find a sign post with the words
                                                         ‘’Mobile Money Available’’
 Then you can gladly do your transaction with no stress. The most popular places where you can carry out include:
a)     Filling stations like  Tradex ,  MRS, Oilibya  filling stations. MTN lately announced another partnership with Total.
b)    Financial institutions like: Express Exchange, Credit Du Sahel, CCC,Sofina, Garanti Mutuel, Afriland first Bank  among   other
c)     Any MTN service center in your town.

In order to carry out a successful recharge, you will need to give your phone number and the amount in Cash to the mobile money agent.
As a precaution, always ensure your phone is on, for you to confirm the transaction.
The Confirmation Message   always come with sender ID ‘’MobileMoney’’ or ‘’111111112’’
                                            8. How can I send Money or Make a payment?
In order to send money, you must have the phone number of the person or institution. Making mobile money payments require the following steps:
-Dial *126*1#
-Reply with the option Send Money (1)
-on This menu you have two main options (Mobile money user and Others)
  If the person you want to make payments to has   a mobile money account, Reply with option
Reply with Option ‘’2’’ to someone who is not having a mobile money account.
The number must not be an MTN number. You can send money to an Orange, Nexttel, or Camtel subscriber with no problem.
With option 2, you will have to send a token number to the payee.

For others ways to pay : Read How to make MTN Mobile Money payments
                      9.  How can I withdraw Money from my Account?
Withdrawals are done through an agent.
Here is what to do:
-Visit any agent or partner and give your mobile money number (Your phone number is your account Number). 
-Wait for him to initiate the transaction. He will ask you to authorize the transaction, once he is done on his path.
-To authorize the transaction,
 = Dial *126*1#
=Reply with option    ‘’4’’ (Pending Approval)
=Enter Pin to see the pending approval
= Authorize the transaction
=Confirm the transaction by reply with ‘’1’’ (Yes)
If you don’t want to you can decline with ‘’No’’ (2)
10.  How can I check my Balance?
     It is very important to know how much is left in your account.
One way to do this is by keeping the message you got from your last transaction.
If you are not convinced, then go the Mobile Money code way:
-Dial *126*1#
-reply with option ‘’5’’ and then ‘’1’’ to check your balance.

 Here are some of the questions we have been receiving from readers.  Will you like to use MTN mobile money?
Feel free to ask a question on how to use MTN mobile money services.

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