With an MTN mobile money account, you can send money to individuals or pay for goods and services.
The standard procedure for making an MTN mobile money transfer or payment is by using the mobile money code (*126*1#) and reply with send money. These options permits you to pay to anybody or institutions you have their mobile money account number (Phone number).  

To facilitate payments and transactions for businesses and institution, some USSD codes have been created to make mobile money payments.  You can also find some when you dial *126*1# code. We are going to see how to pay to some of these institutions with mobile money.

1.     To Pay school fees  into the university ,dial *124#
As of now, Payment can be done to the university of Dschang and Buea using this code. You can as well pay to Kwik Advance using this code.

2. To pay CANAL+ bills, Dial *124*2#

3. To pay Eneo bills Dial *126*1# and reply with the option 2 (Pay bill) and proceed with option 2(ENEO Bill). From here you can enter your account number and roll on.
This option can be used to pay bills to other companies. You can check to see if your company is suing this code. 

4. To effect a push and pull transaction, dial *136#
This option permits you to transfer money form you Mobile money account to your bank account and vice versa.  It is valid only for partner banks such as Afriland.
5. To Place Bets on PMUC and others, dial the mobile money code  #133#

    You can use can also pay with mobile money at MRS, Oilibya,  Tradex,  Group Arno, Mahima, Tsekenis, Lipacam   Sarl and at Camrail . Some restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, online shops, cyber cafĂ© and others also accept payments with mobile money. It is becoming a very popular mean of payment because of the high security involve.

Here are some tips to make a successful and safe mobile money payment.

You need to have their account numbers to do this. 
Make sure you confirm the person or company you want to make payments to.
You should see the name before confirming the payment. 
Don’t  pay mobile money to an unknown number for any reason. 

     You can also pay on some websites with MTN Mobile money. Here is how this can be done;
-     IF you land on a  website that accepts Mobile money payment
-Select the product or service you want to pay for
-Select the payment Method (MTN Mobile Money)
-Enter your phone number when asked
-You will receive a confirmation message
-Dial *126*1# to approve the transaction
      You can proceed to print your receipt just for a precaution.

Don’t know how to approve? Read: How to use  MTN Mobile Money

Enjoy payment with MTN Mobile Money and Share your experiences if any.,

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