Hello all. Once again, we have another post on Online shopping in Cameroon. One of the reason i like shopping online. The festive periods are the best to make purchases and save big cash.

During the Easter week in Cameroon products under the category ''Home and Appliances '' at a discount of 45 percent. Featuring in this category were about 25 products which which included

A  ceiling fan,a sandwich toasters,electric cooker,standing fans,voltage regulators,refrigerators ,deep freezers,blenders, electric kettles and electric irons of different variety.
This offer is still going on on Jumia at the moment i am writing this post.  If you are interested, go to jumia and search for the word ''Binatone'' . Select the product you want to buy and enjoy up to 40 percent discount on all purchases. 

Its not over with yet. 45 percent discount seem not to be enough . April 5th - 7th is another day to make your online shopping in Cameroon rock. Product will be sold at 50 percent discount.
You will be able to get Flat screen TVs,telephones,,tablets,dresses,cookers and other home appliances at the best prizes.
 This promotion is jumia's own way of celebrating it birth day with Cameroonians. To celebrate the birth day,
=Go to jumia.cm  within the dates mentioned above.
=Scroll down and click on the banner as displayed below.

Just click anywhere you see ''Jumia Happy Birthday on this site''
=You will be taken to the page that contain the discounted products.
     If you want to save time,then follow these steps:
Go to jumia.cm right now. and click on the banner displayed above.
==Enter your email and Name and wait for the product page to be sent to you on the 4th of April.
click on the link in the email takes you to the ''Happy birth day page.

       What about the ''Android Children''?
The android generation might be worried that they will be on their phones and tablets. You are covered by Jumia. just move to the Apple  app store or Google Play store and get the jumia app.
You will be  the first to  get all Jumia  Cameroon deals and do your shopping anywhere.

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