Selling online in Cameroon has never been this easy. The era has gone where sellers struggle to post products on classified sites in USA, Europe and other countries. The time has gone where accounts are rejected on E-bay and Amazon as the struggle to market their products. Today, online businesses are on a rise in Cameroon with many online shops, online markets, and classified sites among others being created. 
Buy or selling online in Cameroon has been made easy, thanks to the innovative thoughts of Cameroonians and other investors. It is the era where you can buy any product you want online. It is the era where every business, organization and even individual wants to get an online presence. As this hustle is on, small businesses and offline marketers should be thinking on how to get into the race. 
Today, I will be sharing with you some of top websites where you can sell your products in Cameroon. If your website is not included, never mind, either we are not aware of it or we did not consider it in our list. Feel free to share it and what it offers on the comment section. now called Jumia deals is a classified ad site in Cameroon.  You can buy or sell anything in Cameroon on  Vendito is found in  other countries in Africa and Middle East.  The classified site offer it services similar to Olx found in Nigeria , India, South Africa and other countries. This is the number one place to sell in Cameroon. So what did we give the number one  position ? Let us get the reasons for our classification.
1 .  Vendito verify the products sellers are posting. This ensures buyers to get quality products on the website

2. Vendito got a very good online /Social media presence. As a facebook user in Cameroon, you must have seen products being displayed for sale on vendito. As such, sellers have the opportunity to get their products exposed to a large audience .  We can say, the site will do a facebook promotion for your product if it is of quality for free.

3. Products are well classified into different categories which real which makes interaction with the website easy. Buyers can easily search for the product they want and get it without wasting time.

4. As a seller on vendito, you have the chances of getting your product on some of the top online shops in Cameroon. Because of the quality of the services offered by vendito coupled with verification of the seller, some  online shops in Cameroon use vendito to get in contact with product owners and propose great deals with them.

5. You can sell almost everything on vendito. You can buy or sell the following using vendito: Phones, tablets,  Computer, TVs, video games ,vehicles, houses, plots, shoes, dresses, and more.
These products are classified under the following categories:
i. Fashion and Beauty,
ii. Electronics,
iii. Mobile phones and Tbalets,
iv. Real Estate,
v.  Jobs and Services,
vi.  Home and Garden,
           vii. Vehicles,
           viii. Hobby and sport

6. You can sell online  anywhere in Cameroon. You can search a product by Region, Town and even quarter. For example, you can go to
The Littoral region, select Douala as the town and may be Makepe as the quarter where you want to buy or sell a product. This helps the sellers to sell their product in their neighborhood with little stress.
As I mentioned above the categories will help to make your online experience rock on vendito.

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The second is Kaymu.  This is an online market where buyers and sellers meet to carry out a secure online transaction.  

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The site deserve the number one position, however   vendito took the position because you can get more products and services on  vendito . This my best site when it comes to buying and selling online in Cameroon.
You can find create different shops on kaymu  , if you have products of different categories or simple create a single shop with your products.
The kaymu   team is always there to assist you in setting up your shop if you have quality products
Again your products need to be verified before it is made available on Sop buyers don’t be scared
Here are some item you can sell on kaymu: dresses, shoes, phones, tvs,   tablets, hours equipment, health and beauty products, drinks among others. Just think of what you can see when you go to Marche Central, Marche Mboppi and Marche Sanaga ( Top markets in Douala), you can  sell all these products on kaymu . Get in touch with them or create your shop and wait for approval.

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 Another place to buy and sell your service online in Cameroon is  
This is one of the top classified sites in Cameroon.  The site is found in many African countries including; Ivory coast, Senegal, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco  and more. 
They have been into the business for a while but have experienced a drop in Alexa ranking for the past three months during which this article was being written. One of its main competitor now is which is everywhere on the Camer online community for now.  It is an ideal place to buy and sell online in Cameroon.

     All the services offered on are also offered on
Here are some aspects we can point out on

1. In addition to the free ad services, you can promote your product through premium ad listing.  It is not very easy to get your product on the top page of such a site given the huge traffic .Products are listed every day which makes push your ad to the bottom.  So to make sure you are on the number one page. You can opt in for premium ad listing to make your ads rock and thus generate conversions.

2. Afriba has ads from all regions and many towns in Cameroon .  Ads are available to users from 108+ towns in Cameroon including , Yabassi,  Yomama. Yagoua,   Ndop,  Mamfe and other small town you can think of in Cameroon with an internet connection. Thus with your ad on Afribaba, you will be able to cover a target many areas in Cameroon compared to other ad sites.

3. Partnership with other companies make the site trust worth to get  the best products. If for example you cannot get a product or service on Afriaba, you can check out their partner website. Some top partners include Assurance voyage Schengen,  Chocomeet,  Camerpages and  clicemploi

4. Verification is not very strict on this site. The site accept almost everything to be posted including adult content, and porn. This makes the site not very suitable for children between 15 and 17   years.   
You just need to upload and wait for your ad to go live. Thus buy and selling here is easier.
Sellers can benefit from special products and ads on Afriaba shop.
The website has many links which give your access to various services and products on the page. For example you can check out the last 100+ ads and more.
    Top businesses like Vista   Language age center, Universal Travel and consult, GMS consulting among others have featured their services on this site. So you can trust Afribaba in selling online in Cameroon.

Jumia  is Cameroon’s top online store for electronics fashion and  more.
Jumia offers sellers with quality products to sell good on their online store.  It is not easy to get your product listed on But you can make great sales when you get your product live.  To make a deal to sell on jumia, you can write to

For buyers, it is the place to buy the best product with a wonderful customer support.  Jumia is found in many African countries and UK. It is the only shop in Cameroon that you can buy with a Coupon code for now. As a client of jumia you will get access to thousands of products ranging from   Phones, Cameras, computers and laptops, Televisons, baby dresses among others. 

Products from top Cameroon tech companies like MTN, SNS mobility, Huawei can be bought on jumia. Buyers can get all the latest gadgets from Samsung, Techno , Nokia on jumia. 

Try jumia and let them make your online shopping experience rock.
If you cannot get a product listed on  Jumia,  You can  consider selling on Jumia without having a product  using   J- Force an affiliate program on jumia where you  can do shopping for others using a special code called your J-Force code. For every purchase you make with this code, you get a discount. It is a good Method of Making money online and be a boss.

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Here are some reason to shop on Jumia


    Permit me add Facebook to this list. Facebook is the most used social media in Cameroon. We can use this site to buy and sell.  Social media  marketing is doing very great in countries like Kenya , Nigeria, Egypt , Tunisia and others. Many Cameroonians are always on this site looking for love and chatting. You can make use these people to drive conversions and sales to your products and services. Selling on facebook can be done through promotions on: Facebook Groups,Facebook pages, Facebook ads and using Facebook friend list(on your profile)

   Selling on Facebook is easy,all you have to do is to keep posting your product or service . People interested in your product will get in contact with you and you can make a deal. If you want to sell online as a means of living, then I will recoomend that you create a website before getting started.

A group like ''Buy and Sell anything in Cameroon'' and others have shown that selling on Facebook is possible.
You can thus buy or sell your product  in Cameroon on Facebook  with little or  no worries. Always make sure you verify the product and seller too.
                                                                  Do you have any site to add? ok                                                             

   These are the   top sites we could come up with when it comes to buying and selling online in Cameroon.  There are several sites like kerewa, ngondopages, Free Yengo, Camerpages, and others that you can use to sell online.  If you own a site which you think people can use it to sell online in Cameroon leave it in the comment so that we can check it out or offer a sponsored post about it on our blog (we accept sponsored post from 25000+ FCFA depending on your site) .You can also suggest we do a review on your online store or market.
Drop us an email here for any deal using the email:

While waiting for your reaction to this post, it is good to know that  before buying on a classified ad sites,try to answer the following questions:
I.                  Can you verify who is selling the product?
II.                Is the product real?,
III.           can you meet the buyer
IV.           How will payment be made?
If you have any doubt then consider doing online shopping on sites like jumia, C-Discount, Kaymu that link you to the seller and takes care of the risk. 

  Doing an online transaction is a great experience. Kill all the fear in you and try it. You will love the experience

Do you have a favorite site to buy or sell online in Cameroon?
You can also let us know the best site to buy and sell online if you from another country. 
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What about the top E-commerce website in Cameroon?
check it here:

      Just for you to remember our list is made up of Five companies(websites)
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