Online shops in Cameroon are on the rise with new players are coming into the market, the old ones putting more efforts and developing strategies so as to offer the best experience to both new and returning customers. 

Today, we are going to discover another online shop in Cameroon ( ) is a site which help buyers to reach sellers and sellers to get the best out of their shopping.
Commonly refered to as the online market place; kaymu  online shops deals with a vriety of products ranging from  smart phones,computers, fashion,home appliances among others.  Products sold on kaymuare carefully verified by a team of experts to enhance customer satisfaction and safety.  online market offer sellers the opportunity to reach more customers since products on kaymu are sold all over the country.  Online those living in Cameroon can shop on If you are out of cameroon and wants to shop on kaymu, consider typing and clik on your country ‘s flag. You can  even make your shoppin better  by making use of their special offers during festive periods. You can as well make use of Wednesday shopping on MTN Cameroon’ online shop on kaymu.

shopping on this site is very esay. All you have to do is :
==search for a product,
===click on buy, s
==Login if you hav an account  or register if it is your first time.   
==choose your  payment method and pass your order.
    You can do your shopping both on mobile phone and on PC. You can take your market every where with you by dowloading any of  kaymu’s apps. Apps are vailable for android, Iphone and black berry users.

Kaymu offers sellers free online shops where they can update their products with a clear description so that buyers can  easily pay for them  . It is a safe place for  those who like shopping online. when you shop on  kaymu, you can choose where you product should be delivered. You can decide to pay before delivery or pay on delivery.   Online payments are made using MTN mobile money for the moment on this site.

There is no need to doubt  when doing you shopping in Cameroon. You are in a safe place which is being enjoyed  in more than  14 countries in Africa and  in about 20+ countries world wide .  
Shopping on kaymu protect you from being expose to scam products.  As I said earlier, Kaymu verify its sellers and the products which the sellers are offeing. Buyers can return a product if they are not satisfied with it.Countries like Nigeria,Kenya and Ivory cost , pakistan among others which are doing are doing great with  kaymu  online shops. Tha kaymu network is also expanding into Europe.

To round this write up off, is a site worth visiting. Kaymu offers the  opportunity for Cameroonians to make money online . It gives online shopppers the courage to shop with no fear. If you are thinking of buying a product on kaymu; then make use of the bonus below.

Bonus :   For the valentines day, you will get free shipping for payments made via MTN mobile money on  kaymu.
 Have you ever shop on kaymu? How was your experince?
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