We Can Start With Bulk Sms Marketing In Cameroon
Mobile marketing and sms marketing is just about to take off in Cameroon. With the growth of technology worldwide, there is need for businesses and individuals to get into mobile marketing.
It all started with the coming of ‘’Mobilis’’ now Orange. We were able to receive SMS from our friends and love ones. Then came into the picture MTN and recently Nexttel.
 With over 4 telecom companies, 6 internet service providers (ISP) in Cameroon and over 10 million mobile phone users, it is time for us to think of the mobile phone in another dimension. It is not all about using the internet, making calls and texting with our phones.  Cameroonians should start thinking how they can also benefit from these big names.
  You will probably be asking how this is possible. You must have received a link to download whatsapp, viber or some other app, you must have received a message from MTN or Orange telling you to double your airtime, you must have received a message from a bank (e.g 8081) informing you about  a transaction being made . There are several mobile marketing techniques. However in Cameroon, today the best place to start is with the Bulk sms marketing   .  It all started with an SMS
What Is The Situation Now?
At the moment, a good number of players are getting into the mobile marketing market. We have many app developers ,sms marketers and more.The bulk sms service is a value added service to telecommunication which any one trust worthy can benefit. MTN Cameroon was initially the only bulk sms provider in Cameroon. Today we have a good number of Cameroonians into the bulk sms marketing. All you need is good bulk sms software from a trusted developer. That gives you the start to become a bulk sms provider.  Nigeria is taking the lead in West Africa with hundreds of bulk sms gateways from different providers.
If you are afraid of the codes, then consider becoming a reseller. You can get a free bulk sms re seller account here sms.ransbiz.com
To round of this section, I will say. We are at the education stage. Many seem not to have an idea of bulk sms marketing, some think it is an MTN-ORANGE-NEXTTEL thing.  Let check what the future holds for us The future of mobile marketing is very bright if and if you start now.

What we got for you
We have a special bulk sms system suitable for Cameroonians. With this system, we provide
Client and resellers account. The system comes equipped with various resources so that you can set up and manage the system
Our Bulk sms application (App) as of now works for android devices. We also have the bulk sms application for java phones which This app will enable you to send bulk sms from mobile phones to your subscribers. With our bulk sms application for pc, you can send Bulk sms from pc to mobile phones
Our app is not available on any store for download. Once you create an account with us, we will send a mobile bulk sms application download from which you can get the app.
 Interested in mobile marketing send an email with your name and town to: ransbiz@live.com

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