It is at times frustrating when you run out of airtime. Today, we have the mobile money options, Pay way Cameroon and online mobile recharge sites that can safe this situation. But how will it look like if you you don't a a mobile money account?
 How does it it look like if you have no  have a mobile money account bot  no cash in it?
what about those who are not having credit card to do online recharge? 
It is time to chill because the Cameroon telecom companies have  put in place measures to take care of this situations. Let me bring the words out, This post will show you how to  borrow airtime from your favorite networks in Cameroon.Let us get started;

How to Borrow Airtime from MTN Cameroon

 As of now, the only the only option to borrow airtime from MTN is by suing the USSD code *121#

This option is commonly refereed to as  MTN prolongation .This option gives you the opportunity to borrow airtime from 100 FCFA to  2500.  Borrowers can use this airtime to make calls,send sms and browse the internet. However you cannot transfer MTN prolongation airtime.
   Users who are eligible for this service must have their sim card registered for at three  months.
Also the maximum amount available for you depends on  the rate ate which you recharge your mobile phone. Only prepaid subscribers can use MTN prolongation. Prepaid subscribers must have less than 100 CFA airtime in their account.
 How do i check my balance?
here is the code to check your balance *159*86#.
How can I Repay The Borrowed Airtime From MTN?
When you do a recharge the amount you borrowed  airtime will be  automatically deducted.You are not  eligible to use MTN prolongation if you have a debt.  You are deduced the same amount when you  repay within 24 hours. However, It is important to note that if you pay after 24 hours then the following will be deducted

Amount                   Amount to be Deduced after 24 hours
100                                  108
200                                  216
250                                  270
500                                  540
1000                                1080
1500                                1620

If you want to borrow with a single code , dial the following
*121*amount# use only the amounts above.If you are rejected for a higher amount try  a lower amount. Stay connected with MTN.

How to borrow Airtime from Nexttel Cameroon

Unlike MTN that allows you to borrow different amounts, Nexttel as of now allow prepaid subscribers to borrow 250 FCFA airtime using the USSD CODE *802#  . This airtime is valid for 24 hours . Every subscriber is eligible for this service.
This amount us put directly into your main account . That means you can transfer it, browse the internet, send sms and make calls. 
You can check you Balance normally using Nexttel balance code.
 How will I Repay?
270 FCFA  will be deduced when you do the next recharge.

So why only 250 FCFA?

The respond i got was that with a nexttel sim card you card always reach someone with whether you have airtime or nor using  the Bip call.

How to borrow Airtime from Orange Cameroon

   You can borrow airtime from Orange using the  USSD code #133#. This service is called Orange Sos Credit.
The conditions for eligibility are very similar to MTN prolongation conditions;
-Your sim card must be at  at least 6 months old,
-you must be a prepaid subciber,
-you must have less than 100 FCFA in you accoutn, 
-you should not have any pending payments.
-You should have done a recharge of up to 500 FCFA in a period of 1 month. 
-You can only borrow 250 FCFA ,Nothing more, nothing less.

what about Time to Repay?
 The amount is deducted when you recharge your account. You are expected to pay within  three days. After three days,
You will  pay pay 250+25 FCFA fees.
More than 7 days you will pay 250+50 FCFA fees.

       We are not sure if SOS services like this exist for Camtel. If you know how this can be done, feel free to leave a comment.
   Another way to get to your friends in the absence of airtime is by using the:
1.  Bip ME service of MTN by dialling * 166*number# for MTN Cameroon
2.  Call back service by dilaing #146# for Orange Cameroon  and
3. Bip call service by dialing any number when you are not having airtime. Listen until you get the voice saying
''A bip Call will has been send to your correspondent''. You correspondent phone will ring.
  Have you ever borrowed credit before?  how was your experience?

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