Last time i share with you some great features of Google plus social media. There is a new version of Google plus available with the same feature represented in a better way.For example the search option is displayed in a colored background. I believe these changes are to enhance inter activeness.
If you are using the classic version of Google plus, you might have  seen a banner like this

Clicking on Let's Go takes your  to the new world of Google plus. Here are things you will discover;
1. 1. Instead of the two columns displaying  share items when you click on  a profile, you will be able to see three columns, with the new column ,displaying the home tab,collections,communities,profiles,people,settings,feed back and help which were accesses via a drop down menu in the old version.  However, if you want to maintain the two column as in the previous version, you can click on ''three horizontal lines'' at the top left end of your page beside ''Google+''
2. You don't need to scroll the page up to post . Google plus users can post at the top of the page by clicking on ''whats new with you?'' or at the bottom of the page by clicking  the pencil icon displayed on a red back ground at the bottom right of the page. Thinking of a combination of Facebook(post at the top) and pinterest (pin it at the bottom) features.
3. With the new Google plus, when creating anew post, you can either share the post with an image,a link or with your location.This is very different from the old version where users could share post together with photos,links,videos,events and poll.
One thing that has remain unchanged is the ''disable comment and re-share options'' . You can access them when creating a new post by clicking on the three vertical dots on the top right on the pop up for creating  a post.

4. There is a great improvement in the sharing option. While on Google plus you can socialize with people from other social media like twitter and Facebook. Unlike the classic version where sharing was a ''Google pus thing'' , users can reach to their friends by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get a link to your post and share with your friends . The +1 bottom and comment section had also been given a retouched.  I also noticed the comment form loads faster in the new version than older one when using slow connections.

5. With the new version, the features at the top right still remain the same, except for that, your name is not being displayed like in the old  version.
     What lacking? With the new Google plus, for now, i am not able to access my pages and hangout on Google plus like in the classic version.
It is not a problem, because you can easily switch to the classic version.
Do you think the new google plus  version will attract more Google plus users?
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