In addition to affiliate programs for bloggers, Adsense is one the best ways to make money from your blog. If you are an Adsense publisher, you should understand what it takes to get an Adsense account. It is thus  very important to optimize your earnings. Among the various techniques of optimizing Adsense
 the position of the Adsense ad on your blog is very important. Today, I am going to share with you a tutorial on how you can  enable adsense ads inside your blog post  below the post title.
Displaying ads inside your blog post is very important since,readers are always engaged with the content more.  Let us get started
                             Displaying Adsense Below post Title
 Before starting, it is important to back up your blog.
STEP1:  Go to>select blog==>click on template==>Click on Edit HTML

STEP2: Click   ctrl+F ==> Paste this code (div class='post-body entry-content) in the search box and click the Enter button.

Step2: You should see this
STEP 3: Get ad code from you adsense account ==>Parse the code using any online parser
Step4: copy the code and pate on a suitable HTML editor such as notepad or notepad++==> minify the code .
Step5: Paste the ad code between the following HTML tags

 The first time i tried the adding the code between the tags above i noticed that the ads displayed on all post when someone clicks on any label . I could see more than three ads being displayed. If you don't have labels on your post then you have no problem.
To ensure you ads show only on your post pages, you  can add the ad between this tags.

Step 6: Copy the code  and paste it just above  
             Other Things you can do with the code
  -You can  change  the ''float :right'' in the code to ''float:left ''or'' float:center'' depending on where you want you ad unit to be displayed.
- You can ad the center tag to the ad code
-You can  ad a label to your ad.
                    You can also paste the code directly  above or below this

      If you consider putting Adsense in your post. Check out this guide before implementing.
Before placing the ads in your post. Make sure your content is in accordance with adsense.
2. To ensure you don't mislead  your readers, always label Ads with the label  "Advertisements" or "Sponsored Links"
3. Avoid words  that will cause readers to click the ads. Also avoid using arrows pointing to the ad unit.
4. make sure you images are not aligned with google ads.
5. Make sure you have three Adsense units on your blog. It is not accepted to place more than 3 google ads on your blog.  If you want to increase your earnings, you can add three additional link ad units and two search boxes.
    Taking all this into consideration will free you from violating Adsense policies.
You can now place ads inside you blog post.  Do you have an alternative method on how this can be done?

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  1. I will like to thank you for this article. Please i really wanted to copy the codes but it was difficult. Please can you help me with the codes?
    I mean the codes you are using in this post

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    1. Thanks Kristi, We do. If you look at the Footer you will see featured post. Sponsored post will always feature here and on some other post related to your content. You can contact us for details

  3. I agree 100% with you. As there is no alternative to Google, so is to Google Adsense.

    There are, however, some rare cases in which you can earn a lot without Google Adsense by affiliate programmes or by offering ad spaces to others. But these are really rare cases.

    One problem is that, if your rival blogger repeatedly clicks on your Adsense ads, you are a victim of click bombing. Your account will be banned although you will be 100% following Google's Terms and Policies. This is the biggest pitfall for bloggers. Google should soon invent a way in which such clicking is automatically detected and the publisher is saved from ban.

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  4. Google AdSense still stand out to be the best amongst advertisers but the fact remain getting into AdSense this day is becoming tougher every minutes even the chance of maintaining the account after approval is thin. Many bloggers don’t really depend on AdSense as their source of their online imcome despite the fact it is the best, rather they moved into affiliated and I believed these are what they first put into consideration before they finally take the decision about affilliated product they should join.

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