is commonly known by all as a search engine.Most people are missing out many services offered by this company.Here are some of the services (over 100) that are worth noting.
Snap short of Google services when you search the word ''Google'' on Google search

                     I. Business Services

Google as a multipurpose company offers a wide range of business services no matter the size and nature  of your business. This services can really help in the growth of your business. some of of the business services offered include:
 which helps connect you directly with customers on the internet from different locations and  from any device.

which gives you the opportunity to expose your products/services to people using the internet. It is one of the most popular methods of advertising online. You can also advertise your product on Google using  Youtube Ads.

Launched in 2005, Google Analytics help website owners to track website traffic. With this service, you can know which words(key words) people used to get to your website, how long a visitors spent on your website,the location of the visitors, type of devices used among others. Having such information will go a long way to improve sales/conversions on website.

Android for Work is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that lets companies deliver a secure, productive, and rich mobile experience to their employees(Source:Google support). This service use help you develop , distribute and purchase app with ease in a more secured environment.It also provide you the opportunity to integrate APIs with a singl console among others. The benefits of this service are huge.
A related service is Google play for work which allows you manage and use apps on the app store with  ease . You can also try chrome for work for a more secured browsing experience.

This is one of the latest services  offered by Google. Businesses can buy domain name at cheap prizes with full customer support from the Google team. This service for now is available only in the US. Businesses can benefit from from free hosting services by using the blogger platform to host their blogs. Businesses  can also use Google web designer to  design interactive HTML5 web page and other dynamic web content with little or no knowledge in HTML or CSS.
These are the major services that can benefit a business. There is more to discover in the ''Google World''.
                               NEW TO HTML5? 
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                             II.   EDUCATION 

Google being a tech company promotes computer science education. Google offers services for both educators  and learners through the Google for Education service.

Primary and secondary school teachers can benefit from Google Teachers Academy which offers the opportunity to attend a two days event. Teachers will learn and get  resources on Google products which are important in education. Participants are certified at the end of the event.

There are also opportunities for students to learn such as : Google policy fellowship,bold immersion,Google summer code.code jam among others.

    Lastly computer science students can benefit from Google Scholarships.
some of the most popular Google scholarship programs include:
 ==>The generation Google scholarship for undergraduates in the field of computer science.Your university must be in the US or Canada for your to apply.
==>The Google Lime Scholarship for students with disabilities. students applying must be admitted into a university in Canada or US to be eligible.
==> We will round off this section with The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for women  taking computers science studies at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.
 Just check out Google for education to get other opportunities .

                 III. Google App Store

   An app store is an online shop designed for the upload,distribution and sales of computer software applications and digital products such as e-books.
Google has two app store namely;

play store
  This is one of the most popular stores in the world for android applications. You can publish,download or purchase products such as e-books,antiviruses,games,browsers,whatsapp among others. The store is loaded with thousands of android applications that can give your phone a new look.
GoogThe chrome store is another Google app store where you can download and purchase software. You download mobile apps,computer apps,games,extensions and themes. The store can be managed offline and got so many interesting features. This is what i describe as ''The bigger Google Play''. It is worth visiting the Chrome webstore.
A Gmail account is needed to use any of the Google's app stores.

                IV. Google Email Services

Gmail is one of the most popular email services enjoyed by millions of internet users. It  takes about a minute to create a Gmail account. The use of labels makes it easy to read emails. With a gmail account you can bebfit from more than 10GB of cloud storage. The email account can be used to access all Google services.

In addition to the free email service (for emails like ,,Google also provide business emails( emails of the form ( . This is done by using The Google app for work service. This service is a premium service. You can choose the 3 dollars per month plan with 3O GB storage or 10 dollars per month with unlimited storage. There are several benefits of the premium service.

                 V. Google Social networking service

Google plus is a social networking site provided by Google. You can follow people of interest,join communities(like Facebook groups or twitter list) ,group friends into various categories (family,business,clients etc). In addition to hash tags use by most social networks,Google plus uses the + feature which allows you to add friends on your post or update. You can as well share photos with friends. Even though interactivity on the site is low compared with Facebook and twitter, it is the best in terms of information. 

 There are more than a hundred services offered by Google Inc. Google is  not just about search or email. It is about internet and technology. Have you heard of nexus? share your thoughts

what else do you know about Google?

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