I intially combine android and computer internet in one post. Due to numerous calls and email i have separated the two post. If you want to configure internet on you mobile phone, click here  http://ransbiz.blogspot.com/2015/01/free-nexttel-internet-on-android-mobile.htmlOk lets get to start.
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Create an account by visiting the following links.

Remember to activate your account in your inbox before proceeding.
If you had sign up for "Pd, download this software at   http://www.pdproxy.com/download.htm
Unzip and install the software.
After installing set up the following internet setting on your kit.
profile name: nexttel
username: nexttel
password: nexttel
 access point(apn): n-internet . Save the setting above.
At this stage, you can then launch  pd proxy , select automatic set up and select nexttel.
With your modem, click on browse with pd proxy, launch your browser and enjoy free browsing.
 Leave a comment if you are being faced with any difficulties.

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  1. Please use access point as n-connect if you are facing any difficulties

  2. What is the 3G technology that Nexttel Cam is using? Is it GSM or HSPA?

    1. Nexttel uses HSDPA hwile Orange and MTN uses GSM. Thank you.

  3. hi mate, it's always a pleasure using your tricks for free internet but this trip i tried the one with BECEEM to crack the wimax internet key v3000 and it didn't work... plse cld u push up sme new stuffs about cracking Orange and mtn internet keys ???? thanks a lot!!!

    1. Thanks Tony. the tricks will work for all products. Just subscribe on our blog and get all the latest. I will make sure i do this post for you. Have a wonderful day.

  4. hello guys
    please can u help me in hacking de wimax320 mtn key?
    i heard about beceem

  5. please is the pd proxy still working?

  6. is de any open poet fo pd proxy???


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