The 3G network has arrived.  Do you have a 3G device?  If yes, enjoy  free internet with your android mobile phone. Well it is important to ensure your android version is 4.0 or above before we get started.
 I don’t have android 4.0 or above , Does it mean i cant have access to free internet?
If you have an earlier version then you are not excluded from enjoying 100MB of free internet.
 Just get tun.ko for your phone. Follow this link
You can  search tun.ko on google . With all this set,  take the following steps
Create your  Account
Create an account with Droid vpn at
Download and install Software
After successfully   signing up for Droid Vpn  download this app .
You can also get it on google play.
Open this App and type the user name and password .
Verify that the  access point on your android network setting is set to e-connect before proceeding.
Go to settings and  select  t connection protocol to UDP or ICMP ..
On the  Droid VPN app, click connect and enjoy 100MB of internet  browsing. You can buy the premium pack to enjoy more.
Leave a comment if you are being faced with any difficulties.
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  1. helpful info. will give it a try. thanks.

    1. Great .Let me know how everything went or any difficulties you encountered so that others can benefit

  2. found zpn vpn. 10gb monthly free.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Will see how it works

  3. Thanks very much

  4. Is not conecting

  5. Great post and insights. I really want to thank you for taking the time to put this together.
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