Optimizing Adsense Course

After Taking the Adsense course they were some things i learned that can increase my earnings as an adsense publisher. It is necessary to share with you too.

1.  Instead of using CPM to calculate earnings, Adsense uses the Revenue per 1000 impressions(RPM) to calculate earnings. The reason here is that ads are not displayed in bundles of thousands.

2.  The 300x600 and 970x90 ad sizes are one of the best and most popular ad sizes. This is because Other smaller ad sizes can be displayed with this ad size. Thus you can use such ad sizes to compete for ad space. The best mobile ad unit is the mobile leader board( 320x50 ad size)

3.  The Google Publisher Toolbar  can be used to block ads on a chrome browser. You an manage your entire adsense account using this tool bar.

4. Using the custom channel to organize your inventory can increase your earnings as a publisher.

5. The winner of an A/B test  is terminated when one of your choices  show  95% confidence or more. Terminating even at 90% is not the best option.

6. Putting three ad units on your site does not mean you will earn more. It also depend on the amount of content on your site.

7. If your site cannot be accessed by the adsense web crawler, it might lead to decrease in revenue.

what about you?  Share your experience taking this course

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