AdSense is commonly known as a means of earning with your website where by you get paid when people click on your ads. However as an AdSense publisher, you need to know that your earning are not entirely based on clicks. Here are the various thing to consider before calculating your final revenue. There is no fixed amount the you must end per click. Your AdSense earning depends on how much advertisers are willing to pay. The following have to be considered.

. Number of ad impressions

The number of ad impressions on your site depend on the number of ad request made during the period. The more the ad impressions made the more your revenue with AdSense.
CPM: Cost-per-1000-impressions

AdSense does not calculate your earnings on the basis of CPM . Instead there is the AdSense term RPM(Revenue per 1000 impression) used. This is the amount the advertiser will pay when 1000 ad impressions are made on your site. Your revenue here depend on the quality of ads displayed on your site.

Clicks: Number of organic user clicks on ads

This is the most popular way . The more the clicks the more the revenue. Your revenue depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay per click (CPC: Cost -per-click)

CTR : Click Through Rate

The click through rate is calculated as follows

CTR = ( Clicks / # of impressions, views, or queries) * 100% . There is an amount set for this depending on the type of ads that were displayed.

In conclusion,

Total revenue = the sum of the amount from; CPC+ CTR +RPM

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