Have you taken the Optimizing Adsense Course? If no make sure you follow the link at the end of this post to start the course.
Note you must be an adsense publisher. You will required to inpout your adsense publisher ID. Here are some important things to know after after taking the course
1. Cost per 1000 impression(CPM) and cost per click( CPC)  can be increased if your choose a suitable ad size and formats  firstly. 

2. The best ad format  to use on your site is the Display and Text Ads format.

3.Apart form the the standard Adsense sizes, the 300x600 and 970x90 Ad sizes had proven to be high performing ad sizes since they display both text formats.

4.  The most popular mobile ad size is the 320x50 ad size

5. Poor use of the allow and Block Ads option in your adsense account can decrease your adsense revenue. So watch out when you want to use the allow and block ad option. Make sure you have a reason for doing that.

6. If you want to know whic ad formats are popular on your site, you can run the A/B test. Display Ads might work better in some sites that Text Ads. The A/B test will help you determine this.

7.  Make sure your ad and content  do not interfer. This is to avoid violating the Adsense policy.

8. Depending on your site, you can  use  either blending,contrasting or complimenting to choose the best colours and styles for displaying ads on your website.

9. As a publisher you need to  you have to consider raeson in the place of ; a website user, an advertiser and as  a publisher. You need to know what this three group of people need as an adsense publisher. You might have seen this in the course. If you need this you can contact me i wil give you the summaries i made.

10.  A Maximum of three ad units can be placed per page by publishers . This is the standard rule.

Take the Optimizing adsense course here  OPTIMIZING ADSENSE COURSE

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