IrfanView   (OVERVIEW)
          Irfan view is a photo editing software just like paint,photo shine,  It can be used to view and edit photos. This software interest me most because it can be used to change the actual size of an image. This software will be most valuable to website owners.
       A good webpage should have an image that is at most 100kb in size.When we change the  dimesnsions of an image with irfanview, the size also changes. Thus you can always view and edit your images with irfanview. Note that when you  resize an image in most photo editing program, what changes actually is the dimensions of the picture (Length and width) .When you edit a photo with irfanview, you can choose the format which you want to save such as PNG,jpg , BMP,GIF,PDF,EMF, FSH and more. The most common format is the jpg .
The problem with this sotware is that it require many plugins for you to enjoy the full functions. Just type Irfanview on google and download and give me feedback. The software is really great to my point of view.
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